3D Frame Analysis Library

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  • 3D Frame Analysis Library 2.0

    The Frame3D library is a complete analysis library for solving structural problems utilizing a powerful and robust analysis engine, which in
  • 2D Frame Analysis 2.0

    2D Frame Analysis is a tool for easy model design in a user friendly atmosphere with several graphical opportunities having a built-in collection of
  • EngiSSol - 2D Frame Analysis 2.0

    ENGISSOL 2D Frame Analysis software package has been synonymous with state-of-the-art analysis of general and arbitrary frames and trusses in 2d space
  • 2D Frame Analysis Dynamic Edition 2.0

    This efficient application enables you to give analysis about 2D frames and trusses and multi span beams to help you calculate dynamic response
  • EngiSSol - 2D Frame Analysis Static Edition 2.0

    ANALYSIS: Use of highly flexible, general, finite element method Static analysis of multi span beams, 2D trusses and 2D frames Unlimited number
  • Autodesk Material Library Medium Resolution Image Library

    Medium Resolution Image Library is the Autodesk Material Library that contains images in 1024 x 1024 sizes i.e. medium resolution images that can be
  • Frame-It 1.1

    Frame-It v1.1 is an easy-to-use and completely customizable photo slideshow with support for a variety of frame styles and includes a number of extra
  • Frame from AVI 3.1.1

    You can find look and save frames from AVI. Using the program you can: find and look frame, find and look some frames, create the Set from the
  • X-Frame 1

    X-Frame a simple and flexible application for cinemas, theaters Pidkova X-Frame - a solution for cinemas X-Frame a simple and flexible application
  • AIM Frame 2.1

    If you are an AOL or CompuServe Instant Messenger?user, BPS SoftWare has an add-on just for you! A.I.M. Frame is a shareware program which adds much
  • PR Frame 2.0

    PRFrame is a tool providing access to multiple different internet resources that can be useful for PR professionals, beginners, and people who just
  • Psy Frame 1.0

    Psy Frame allows you to add a psychedelic frame to your photos. It allows you to control the amount of the R,G,B color components, which will
  • eZ-Frame 1.1

    eZ-Frame! is a desktop image / Photo Viewer that hovers on the screen, displaying your photos. You can change the size, position of the frame.In
  • Batch Frame 3.6

    Batch Frame is a tool that easily add frames to multiple graphics files at the click of a button which contains over 400 cool
  • Soccer Frame 3.0

    Framy: the first digital frames to expose digital pictures on PC desktops. CHANGE it and MOVE it! Framy works as another window on your desktop.
  • Image Frame 1.2

    Have you ever noticed how picture frames can enhance the appearance of images? Do you know that you can also add great frames to the digital images in
  • Ace Photo Frame 2.46

    Ace Photo Frame is a easy-to-use software which helps you to enhance your digital photo with frame,clipart and extra message.Provided with it, you
  • mp3 Frame Editor 2.22

    Edit your mp3's without having to decode them and then encode to mp3 again (loss of quality). Edit (copy, paste, delete, etc) and volume and balance
  • Frame Maker Pro 3.61

    Frame Maker Pro is an imaging and desktop enhancement program that adds impressive frames to digital photos in order to enhance your personal
  • Picture Frame 3.1.6

    The Photos upload and management tool allows you to upload images or folders of images to your Flickr or Yahoo Photos account. It allows you to
  • Chameleon Frame 1.0.1

    Are you bored of that old plain frames? Is your GUI looking too cluttered? Then, this is the solution!!! The Chameleon Frame is able to reproduce the
  • .NET My Frame Panel 2.13

    My Frame Panel component for .NET is the panel you need to improve your visual interface for your applications. It lets you create modern visual
  • Your Honey Frame

    Your Honey Frame is a beautiful, cute and extravagant picture holder for your
  • Orb Picture Frame 1.0.3

    Orb Picture Frame 1.0.3 is designed to be a helpful and creative tool which can immediately view those photos on any other computer. Perfect for
  • Mp3 Frame Remover 4.24

    Cut pieces of noise or silence from beginning and end of your mp3 files without having to decode them and encode to mp3 again (loss of quality). Note:
  • SCML 3D FRAME OCX 1.00

    The SCML 3D FRAME OCX is an OCX control allowing the programmers to display nice frames on their Visual Basic forms without resorting to use a drawing
  • MV Frame Access 3.1

    A DirectShow image processing/computer vision filter that provides direct access to the frame data of a DV video stream via an implemented callback
  • Frame From AVI TRIAL

    You have liked films? You liked the frames in film? You would like to save the separate frames? Then this program for you. Using Frame from AVI you
  • LED Frame Designer 1.0.2069.26732

    LED Frame Designer Software allows the user to individually control the Dot Correction and PWM dimming levels for each LED on the TLC59xx EVM. The
  • Frame Jumper -

    This is a Movie Clip you can add to your scenes to use when testing SWFs. The Jump To buttons will jump to the Frame number on the button, or you can
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  • TA4.Net 1.0

    Technical Analysis Library for .NET Technical Analysis Library for NET. It comprises 76 most popular technical Analysis functions. Technical Analysis functions usage samples are available for both C# and VB.Net. You
  • EngiSSol - 2D Frame Analysis 2.0

    ENGISSOL 2D Frame Analysis software package has been synonymous with state-of-the-art Analysis of general and arbitrary Frames and trusses in 2d space since its introduction over 8 years ago. Its user interface which is
  • 3D Frame Analysis Library 2.0

    The Frame3D Library is a complete Analysis Library for solving structural problems utilizing a powerful and robust Analysis engine, which in combination with the reach Analysis and element features can efficiently solve
  • Drum Racks Diesel 0.3

    Creates Ableton Live Drum Racks. Automatically create up to 25 new Drum Racks at a time. Saves Drum Racks to the Default Ableton Live Library location. Analyzes your sample Library for drum samples and categorizes the
  • AnalyzerXL Pro 7.0.3

    AnalyzerXL Pro is an add-in for Microsoft Excel 2010 or later, designed to help you create trade systems and conduct technical Analysis calculations directly in your worksheets. Technical Analysis is essentially the
  • SoftCollection Video Capture Library For .NET 1.11.043

    SoftCollection Video Capture Library For .NET is a class Library for .NET that provides you a full control over many video devices, like web cameras, tv cards and many others. You can use this Library for developing:
  • Video Capture Library For.NET 1.0

    SoftCollection Video Capture Library For .NET is a class Library for .NET that provides you a full control over many video devices, like web cameras, tv cards and many others. You can use this Library for developing:
  • Quikframe XP 7.61

    Frame Analysis program with steel and timber design to EN 1993, EN 1995, BS5950 and BS5268. If you want an easy-to-use but powerful structural Analysis tool then why not try QuikFrame, the innovative program for the
  • INAT NetSpector 5.00

    The user data Analysis is realized by the simple import of symbolic information available on PLC projectsAnalysis of switched networks with modular modules: Record unit and View unit can be used autonomously: remote
  • Filter Factory Gallery P -

    Filter Factory Gallery P is a pack of 24 free filters for Photoshop and allows you to apply all manner of effects and finishes. To install it, you'll need the plugin compiler for Photoshop and Premiere called Plugin
  • Music Library Organizer Pro 3.2

    Music Library Organizer Pro: is a complete Library management software for Windows. It's a perfect choice for the following music libraries: school Library, church Library, corporation Library, non-profit organization
  • Deepsoil 5.1

    DEEPSOIL is a 1D site response Analysis program with graphical user-interface that can perform both:- 1D Nonlinear Analysis.- 1D Equivalent linear Analysis.Main features:- DEEPSOIL will display the progress of an
  • X-Frame 1

    X-Frame a simple and flexible application for cinemas, theaters Pidkova X-Frame - a solution for cinemas X-Frame a simple and flexible application for cinemas, theaters. Friendly interface enables quick and easy to
  • SignalLab 5.0.2

    SignalLab is a set of components for very fast digital signal processing (DSP). The Library allows very fast complex signal manipulations and visualization with zero lines of program code. Applications include: real time
  • LibraryRenamer commands 1.0

    Use the Multiple Library Linkage command to export multiple items in the Library for ActionScript and set the 'Linkage Identifier' to an auto-incremented generated name. An example of where this command might be useful
  • Analog BeamView APC 2.4.4

    Analog BeamView APC is a software designed to work with the BeamVision PCI Frame grabber.It does not support the use of the BeamVision ISA Frame grabber. If the PCI Frame grabber is not present this software will work
  • SQL Server 2005 Datamining Viewer Controls -

    The Data Mining Web Controls Library is a set of Microsoft Windows Forms controls that enable software developers to display data mining models created using Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Analysis Services in their
  • Universal CNV Adapter 2.0.2

    The Universal CNV Adapter Plug-in is a software Library that works with Illumina???s GenomeStudio data Analysis software, and with separately-installed, Illumina- or third-party-provided executable programs for CNV (copy
  • Algo Quant 0.0.3

    Numerical Method Inc.'s flagship product - Algo Quant - is a Library of integrated trading research tools. Algo Quant is a lot more than just an application of backtesting. It is an actively developed and ever more
  • Mplus 7.0

    Mplus is a latent variable modeling program with a wide variety of Analysis capabilities. The program allows you to do exploratory factor Analysis, item response theory Analysis, mixture modeling (latent class Analysis),
  • IGraph 0.9.7

    IGraph is a Ruby extension for using the igraph Library (http://cneurocvs.rmki.kfki.hu/igraph/). igraph is a Library for creating and manipulating graphs with a particular emphasis on network Analysis functions. This
  • ProcessMA 1.6

    ProcessMA is a Statistical Analysis tool. It has different features like Graphical Analysis, Regression, Measurement System Analysis, Capability Analysis, Design of Experiments, Statistical Process Control, Reliability &
  • FrameEDIT -

    When doing character animation it's not uncommon to have a symbol that contains all the elements of the head and face, and many animators will nest the facial animation within this symbol. When you double-click a
  • SasTool 1.0.1

    SasTool can be used on a regular Windows XP PC and performs an Analysis of a single Frame in less than one second. The output file formats are plain ASCII files which can be read with any text editor and are in a format
  • NCS Power Control Library 0.07b

    The NCS control Library is a powerful Library designed to make stunning graphical applications easy to build! X2 Media Player is being developed with the Library and is an example of what the Library can do. the
  • Micro-Cap 10.0.9

    Micro-Cap is a utility aimed at electronics engineers. It was especially created to help them design electronic circuits and simulate their functioning. The program integrates a large device Library. Some of the devices
  • Olsoft Neural Network Library 1.0

    OLSOFT Neural Network Library is the class to create, learn and use Back Propagation neural networks and SOFM (Self-Organizing Feature Map). The Library makes integration of neural networks’ functionality into your own
  • Packetyzer 4.0.3

    Network professionals are using this Packetyzer program for Analysis as well as troubleshooting, and for the development of software and protocol, etc. It gives you all essential features that you can expect from
  • School Library Organizer Pro 2.1

    School Library Software for Windows. Library database maintenance system for private, public, church schools. Our Library software helps you to catalog Library items, organize member information, and keep track of the
  • ViewDDLib 1.4

    ViewDDLib helps you to view Ginsberg's Bridge Library of 717,102 deals which are fully double-dummy (DD) analyzed. An associate software LOTTanalyzer works out statistics over this Library with Notrump hands treated