3d architecture by livecad

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  • .NET Pet Shop 4.0

    PetShop .Net Sample Application that demonstrates an enterprise architecture for building .NET Web Applications. The application can be used to compare to Sun Microsystem's J2EE Pet Store application across architecture,
  • 3D Home Design by LiveCAD 3.1

    3D Home Design by livecad� : the solution for easily designing plans in line with regulatory standards, whilst benefitting from a range of professional tools to design, display, present and realise
  • ArchC 2.1 Beta

    ArchC is an open-source architecture description language that has been designed at the Computer Systems Laboratory (LSC) of the Institute of Computing at the University of Campinas (IC-UNICAMP). ArchC is based on
  • Churches Screensaver 1

    Churches screensaver features a collection of church architecture photographed around the world. This is not a typical screensaver but it will find its home with many Christian people, families and with individuals who
  • CE CALC - Civil Calculator 1.0

    Civil Engineering design calculations for Hydrology, Open Channels, Culverts, Gravity Sewer, Pressure Pipe, Traffic/Road Geometry, Pavment, Concrete Floor Slabs-on-Grade, Topo Surveying, Earthwork and Unit Conversion.
  • GATE 7.0

    GATE (General architecture for Text Engineering) is an architecture, framework and development environment for developing, evaluating and embedding Human Language Technology.This software application aids the creation of
  • IDEA 10 NG 4.1

    IDEA architecture is a 2D & 3D Architectural package offering an unrivaled compatibility with AutoCAD. Powered by a sophisticated yet very easy to use BIM technology, IDEA architecture is also reknown for its CAD
  • Picalo 4.12

    Now you can easily detect the frauds and corruption with handy and inclusive data analysis application Picalo. It can also be used for following types of data analysis: any type of database-oriented data; network logs;
  • Christ the Saviour Cathedral 3D 1.0

    One of the most fascinating miracles of Russian architecture of the past century - The Cathedral of Christ the Saviour - still keeps charming with its sculptural magnificence and Splendor! Being an immense monument to
  • World Architecture Screensaver 1.0

    World architecture Screensaver features well done images of old-time construction, buildings, mansions, and ancient and modern houses. You'll also see Eastern and Western architecture including splendid cathedrals, an d
  • Taj Mahal 3D 1.0

    The Taj Mahal is one of the original Seven Wonders of the World. It shows the great skills that the Indian architecture involves - an indication of what people can design by using marble. Perhaps you are interested in
  • Enterprise Architecture Software 2.0

    Enterprise architecture Software, Communicati Enterprise architecture Software, Communicating Information Infrastructure Software, Strategy Elicitation Software (Strategic Analysis, Management); In 1987, John
  • Web Service Software Factory: Modeling Edition 3.0

    The Web Service Software Factory: Modeling Edition (also known as the Service Factory) is an integrated collection of resources designed to help you quickly and consistently build Web services that adhere to well-known
  • Fine Architecture Screensaver 1.0

    Have you ever dreamed about visiting a medieval castle in an Orient country? Or sailing a gondola on a narrow canals of Venice admiring the European architecture? This screensaver will give you a closer look of what
  • jTrust 1.1.2

    jTrust is a Java Library for trust validation of X509 certificates. I started this project simply because I'm not happy with the native Java Certification Path Validator API architecture. Instead of implementing the
  • Understanding and Extending the Site Navigation System in ASP.NET 2.0

    The ASP.NET 2.0 site navigation system is built on a powerful and flexible architecture that has been designed to be extensible. In addition to creating a compelling navigation model that would appeal to both developers
  • Warcraft Maps: Dota Allstars 6.62 1.0

    Full map rewrite to the new 1.24 code architecture The new DotA version will be released today. This update is a technology update only. While it has no new content, it is a required step that we have to take because
  • Blue Goth 1.0

    Here is a clock screensaver created in imagination of our painter inspired by his visit to such old cities as Paris, Rome, Madrid and Prague. He returned so excited and started telling long stories about gothic
  • Maguma Workbench 2.6.1

    Maguma Workbench goes beyond a typical IDE, its a IDP for PHP and Python. Fast, robust and modular, making it the most customizable IDE available. Maguma Workbench incorporates and modular plug-in architecture keeping
  • Panda Cloud Antivirus Free Edition 3.02

    The first and only free cloud-based antivirus thin-client with 50 percent less impact on PC performance compared to the industry average. Panda Cloud Antivirus is introducing a new protection model that utilizes a
  • CodeAuthor 1.6

    CodeAuthor 1.6 is a software functioning as a C# 2.0 data access layer and 3 tier architecture code generation tool for creating an open source Data Access Layer (DAL) in C# 2.0 and all related Database Stored Procedures
  • 3D Architecture Animation Creator 1.2

    3D architecture Animation Creator is a plug-in which can help designers quickly create animations, especially for architecture growing animations. By using it, we can fast create position, rotation, scale, as well as
  • Autodesk Revit Architecture 2011 10.03.26170

    Autodesk® Revit® architecture building design software works the way architects and designers think, so you can develop higher-quality, more accurate architectural designs. Built for Building Information
  • Avogadro 1.0.0

    The advanced molecular editor Avogadro is designed for cross-platform that is use in computational chemistry, molecular modeling, bioinformatics, materials science and related areas. It contains flexible rendering
  • LTplus AI-Tool 2009 9.2

    LTplus is the 2D/3D-Application for IntelliCAD with integrated complex constructions and presentation with the included OpenFX 3D-Modeller. You get a program, that connects a simple way of drawing, with all advantages
  • FLASH-AID 2.0.1

    Remove conflicting flash plugins from Ubuntu Linux systems and install the appropriate version according to system architecture. After installation, the extension automatically detects the browser architecture and
  • 3D Architecture Animation Creator Pro 1.2

    3D architecture Animation Creator is a plugin which can help designers quickly create animations, specially for architecture growing animations. By using it, we can fast create position, rotation, scale, as well as
  • Java/J2EE Designer- Beginner Test 1.0

    EPractize Labs offers the world's best Online Testing for Skill Assessment and Skill Evaluation. Apart from creating your own questions for tests, you can use the EPractize Labs tests to suit your employee skill
  • EPractize Labs Online Skill Assessment and Screening Software - Java/J2EE Design 1.0

    EPractize Labs offers the world's best Online Testing for Skill Assessment and Skill Evaluation. Apart from creating your own questions for tests, you can use the EPractize Labs tests to suit your employee skill
  • MPlayerXP 0.7.96

    MPlayerXP is MPlayer with eXtra Performance MplayerXP is a branch of the well known mplayer (http://mplayerhq.hu) which is based on the new (thread based) core. MplayerXP project was designed for x86 architecture but