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  • Model Air Design 1.1

    Model Air design - model aircraft design software for Windows PC. Model Air design is for every person, young or old, who has a desire to design and create airplane models but have found Computer Aided design (cad)
  • Bonus Content - Foyer Items January 2006 1.0

    Chief Architect - professional 3D architectural home design software. Automated building tools make home design, remodeling, interior design and kitchen & bath design easy. Discover why Chief Architect is the home design
  • Genesis Integral Object Designer 4.0

    Genesis IOD is a surface modeler and solid modeler software. This cad plug in has the power to generate complex and predictable objects, using only plane projections, 2D view of the design as input. It has the ability
  • Design Manager 1.37

    design Manager is the fully integrated Project Management and Accounting software for Interior designers and any trade associated with design. This interior design software allows design professionals to standardize
  • Concrete Column Design 2.3

    Concrete design software, like all Digital Canal software provides the quickest and most complete solution to your engineering design problems. This concrete design software will design or check concrete columns for
  • Shipping Container House Plans 1.1

    Shipping Container House Plans software , 3D cad design software. Bring your design ideas to life in a fully interactive 3D model of your Home design
  • MyVirtualHome 3.1

    MyVirtualHome - Free Home design software, 3D cad design software. Bring yoru design ideas to life in a fully interactive 3D model of your Home design Ideas with
  • Realtime Landscaping Plus 2011 Demo 6.15

    New landscape design software by Idea Spectrum. design decks, yards, fencing, gardens, patios, houses, and much more. design in full 3D, or over a photo of your existing landscape. This new landscaping software is easy
  • Bonus Content - Watersport Items 1.0

    Bonus Content - Watersport Items is a pack that contains Water elements for design. This pack is used with Chief Architect so in order to use it you need Chief Architect installed. professional 3D architectural home
  • Home Design Software 3.1

    You can bring your design ideas to life by using Home design software 3D cad
  • WeaveMaker 8.6

    WeaveMaker is powerful, professional design software that makes sense to designers. It is the perfect software tool for the intermediate to advanced designer of woven fabrics. WeaveMaker is packed with features for dobby
  • Easy Loudspeaker Calculator 2.3

    Use the "Easy LoudSpeaker Calculator", Don't need to understand specially abstruse and difficult various professional theories knowledge, all software has been arranged to help you, let you easily completed cumbersome
  • Aku Shaper 1.18.000

    A powerful, yet very easy to use surfboard design application. A powerful, yet very easy to use surfboard design application. With tens of thousands of users and over 70 shaping machines world wide, the Aku Shaper
  • TiPolyxDisplay 2.1.13

    TiPolyxDisplay is a controlling software for item 344162 Polyx Video Display. Depending on the installer and user???s needs you can start with a new design or edit an existing one. The functions which TiPolyxdisplay can
  • CSiCol 8.4

    CSiCOL is a comprehensive software package used for the analysis and design of columns. The design of columns of any concrete, reinforced concrete, or composite cross-section can be carried out by the program. CSiCOL
  • Realtime Landscaping Photo 5.06 Demo 6.15

    New photo-based landscape design software. design your landscape using a photo of your home and property. design a garden, plant trees and shrubs, add a new yard, and more. This new landscaping software is powerful, yet
  • Realtime Landscaping Plus 4 Trial 4.01

    The easy to use landscape design software helps you in visualizing your landscaping ideas. You can use it to create highly realistic, 3D walk-throughs of your proposals and design ideas as well as it enables you to
  • AutoCAD 2008

    Autocad is a software application for computer-aided design and drafting. The software supports both 2D and 3Dformats. It enables you to design and shape the world around you with the powerful, flexible features found
  • We!Design Sessions Manager 1.0

    We!design is a student-centered participatory design methodology, especially engineered for the design of supportive educational applications. Download the We!design Sessions Manager (Beta), an application that can help
  • Belltech Greeting Card Designer 5.5

    Did you know that you could produce high quality greeting cards even if you have no experience in graphic design? What you will need though is the Belltech Greeting Card designer software. Whichever occasion you would
  • ASDIP 4.1.2

    ASDIP is a structural engineering software specially designed to assist you, using a simple and powerful approach, to transparently design, analyze and optimize all your daily design work. Conceived and designed
  • Realtime Landscaping Pro 2011 Demo 6.15

    New landscape design software by Idea Spectrum. design decks, yards, fencing, gardens, patios, houses, swimming pools, water gardens, and much more. design in full 3D, or over a photo of your existing landscape. This new
  • Sims3 - Jungle Jaguar Tattoo 1.0

    This particular design features a dual Jaguar design on the abs and obliques, as well as a Maya jungle design on the arm! Can be found in the socks section of the accessories tab. The designs can be recolored in design
  • MDTools 930 Library Manager 4.0

    MDTools Library Manager leverages your design effort by automating workflow functions, and embedding manifold design methodology, rules and checks within the software application. design compact error free manifolds
  • CDS

    Intelligent 2D & 3D Coordinate Geometry calculations to improve your design efficiency. Versatility will assist you with Title Surveys, Subdivision design or Construction Site design & Layout design Roads: whether
  • Boardcrafter Design 1.0.1

    Boardcrafter design™ snowboard design software is now available. In addition to design capabilities the software allows ‘fit to page’ and 1:1 ratio template printing and .dxf exporting of:
  • Design Grid 1.2.1

    design Grid is an easy to use design tool. design Grid is an easy to use design tool. The program allows you to control the sizes and proportions in your design. It has an austere design with auto-hide controls.
  • HDL Works HDL Companion 2.4

    HDL Companion is the HDL designer's Swiss army knife. It will help you to get and keep a good overview of any HDL design, including third party IP, legacy code and other HDL sources. Complete design directories and
  • EWPAA Design Toolbox 2.0

    EWPAA design Toolbox is an easy to use software tool with a friendly interface that provides you with a set of tools to allow both novice and experienced designers to design with structural plywood. The toolbox supports
  • SlabWorks 1.07 beta

    SlabWorks is a program used for the analysis and design of stiffened slab-on-grade foundations on expansive clay and compressible soils. SlabWorks implements all of the generally accepted foundation design methods (PTI,