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  • 3D Control Magic for .NET 2.0

    3D Control Magic for .NET is the ultimate 3D control component developed with the purpose of replacing some of the old fashioned Windows flat
  • Magic Remote Control PCspy 2004

    Magic Remote Control PCspy 2004 is a powerful and easy to use tool which is developed to give you a professional way to remote control pcspy is a
  • Magic VCD Burner (ActiveX Control) 1.0.0

    MAGic VCD Burner is developed to fulfill the requirement of all kinds of VCD burning needs. Magic VCD Burner includes all the features required by
  • EaseSoft Barcode ASP.NET Web Server Control and .NET Windows Form Control ( 1 de 3.5

    EASESOFT BARCODCE CONTROL INTRODUCTION EaseSoft Barcode Control has .Net Windows Form Control for windows application and ASP.NET Web Server Control
  • Magic & Mayhem: The Art of Magic 1.0

    You will really like playing Magic & Mayhem: The Art of Magic game in which, you will do everything with the help of magic. The key character is
  • Magic C++ 4.0

    If you are a programmer using Windows Client to make developments on remote Unix/Linux servers, Magic C++ is meant for you. This complete Integrated
  • CHV Magic 3D FX 1.0

    Magic 3D FX is a bundle of three 3D plugins for Final Cut Pro 5.1.2 (and up) and Motion 2 (and up). The plugins use the new FxPlug interface
  • Magic 3D 2.0

    Magic 3D is a powerful, virtual 3D stereograph maker tool. It can creating the illusion of hidden 3D graphics by yourself. The 3D stereograph differ
  • Sky Magic 7.12

    Sky Magic is a new simple and fascinating brain-twister. Its game process is alike and at the same time unlike other games of this genre. Put
  • Magic Do 1.0

    Magic Do is a VHDL hierarchy builder that automates the process of generating ncsim/modelsim compilation macro. The same file list can also be reused
  • Elf Magic 1.0

    Elf Magic is an easy arcade game. The game has some really cool thingies to collect like tons of candies and delicious chocolate and cakes but if you
  • PST Magic 1.1

    PCVITA PST Magic is a dual purpose tool; both for, merging numerous PST files into single PST file and for splitting large sized PST file in smaller
  • udi-Magic

    UDIMagic is a software utility which allows you to import data into Tally Accounting Software. It supports import of data from various sources like
  • Mad Magic 2.78

    Morion??s the evil magician has stolen all the treasure from the Glade, you must help your friends and creatures to defeat this evil, recover the
  • Magic Tab 1.0

    MAGic Tab is a tiny tab related utility. It'll will remember your tabs' order in every Chrome window. When you close current active tab, it will make
  • 3D MAGIC 2.0

    3D MAGic v2 Software that is developed by Shanghai Paul Software enjoys advanced design level of lenticular images in the world. Basic functions of
  • Magic C .Net 4.0

    Replacing vi/Emacs text editor or looking for a powerful GUI front-end for gdb/dbx debugger? MAGic C++ .Net is what you're looking for. Magic C++
  • Magic RDS 3.5c

    The MAGic RDS is a GUI based control software for the PIRA32 RDS encoder. Main features: Top RDS encoder control software RDS services
  • MP3 Magic 2.02

    Now you can easily join as well as split, and edit MP3 files by using exclusive software MP3 Magic. It is best for getting rid of ads as well as dead
  • Magic Box 0.5.5 alpha

    Create flexible designs through parameters. When you create some physical object, you often like to protect it. So you get a box. But why is it so
  • Magic PDF 2.0

    Use MAGic PDF??? to create, edit, modify, convert, Combine, secure, open, fill, import, export and email PDF documents and PDF forms. Magic PDF
  • Magic Puz 1.0

    You can keep yourself busy by playing interesting Magic Puz game. In this game, you have to destroy all balls in screen for entering into new level.
  • PDF Magic 1.0

    PDF MAGic is an automation system that greatly reduces the time and effort necessary to create complex, interactive PDF documents. This is
  • ODP Magic 3.100825.48

    This unofficial ODP extension provides many short-cuts and tools to make editor's life easier. Documentation about usage can be found on
  • Magic 8 1.0

    Finally, Answers to All of Life's Questions! * Is your boyfriend cheating on you? * Are your parents your real parents? * Should you quit your job to
  • Magic Tea 1.0

    Get ready to play a marble-popper with more twists and turns than a pretzel vendor! Magic Tea is a delightful color-matching game in which you
  • PMX: The Magic Hat 1.0

    Princess Marian sets out on her biggest adventure yet, to make a new magic hat. This is the longest Princess Marian game, with the most gameplay,
  • Magic Gem 1.0

    Just as diamonds are a girl's best friend, magic gems are the delight of game players everywhere. Magic Gem challenges logic and arcade action fans to
  • Magic Arc 1.0

    In order to achieve a good result in this new-type game you will need strategic thinking and precise aiming for every move. Superb graphics, many
  • Magic Bar 1.0

    Serve up magically mysterious treats to your customers by combining the right ingredients quickly and accurately as possible. Keep your customers
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  • Filter Factory Gallery K -

    Filter Factory Gallery K is a pack of 20 free filters for Photoshop and allows you to apply all manner of effects and finishes. To install it, you'll need the plugin compiler for Photoshop and Premiere called Plugin
  • 3D Control Magic for .NET 2.0

    3D control magic for .NET is the ultimate 3D control component developed with the purpose of replacing some of the old fashioned Windows flat controls in applications written with Visual Studio.NET 3D control magic is
  • Magic Card Tricks 1.0

    We are the world leading magic trick center on the web specializing in David Blaine magic tricks, levitation, and easy to perform magic tricks. Ellusionist can provide you with the necessary training to have you become a
  • CyberLink PowerDirector 6 Build 2312 Updated Patch

    Now you can make your personal movies easily by using magical Editing Tools. It supports CyberLink PowerDirector 5 as well as advanced widescreen, powerful technologies, creative effects, and soundtrack libraries. You
  • Mysteries of Magic Island

    Survive the dangerous magic Island and become a Grand magician in Mysteries of magic Island, a fun Hidden Object game! Find the enchanted items necessary to escape the magic Island, and return to the Great magic School
  • Magic & Mayhem: The Art of Magic 1.0

    You will really like playing magic & Mayhem: The Art of magic game in which, you will do everything with the help of magic. The key character is Wizard and all those who can cast spells. You will interact with other
  • Magic Academy 1.0

    Your sister has disappeared while studying at The magic Academy. With the help of your tutors, you'll learn to remove protective spells, see invisible objects and look into the future. You will also meet ghosts, discover
  • Neoconvert DVD To HTC Magic 4.0

    The Suite includes DVD to HTC magic Video Converter. The HTC magic Video Converter lets you easily and quickly convert DVD to HTC magic video (WMV format). And the Neoconvert DVD to HTC magic helps you convert DVD to HTC
  • Battle Tanks Future-Mod 1.0

    we modded an older version and made a btanks, which is different from the normal one. We changed the terrain, put in some new weapons and... IMPORTANT!!! if you buy a new tank lie down all your weapons! sometimes it
  • Magic C .Net 4.0

    Replacing vi/Emacs text editor or looking for a powerful GUI front-end for gdb/dbx debugger? magic C++ .Net is what you're looking for. magic C++ .Net includes all the features of magic C++ plus Visual Studio .Net style
  • # Magic Box Casino 1.0

    The magic Box Casino software is using state of the art security features to provide its players with a 100% full proof secured environment. Any delicate information, which is transferred between the software and the
  • Magic Mouse 1.1

    Allows you to interact with all Windows on your machine. At the click of a button Windows can be moved, enabled, disabled or hidden. Don't be held back by those diabled buttons. passwords can be viewed instantly. Hidden
  • Academy of Magic: Word Spells 1.0

    Use your magical powers and wisdom in this unique word game of magic and knowledge! You'll need to make the longest possible words on a lettered-tile board to increase your magical skills and abilities. The magic Spells
  • Farmville Magic Tools 1.0

    Now you can automate the operations of Farmville game in Face book by suing windows compatible program Farmville magic Tools. It has fast speed of working as well as capable of working on all the different farm sizes.
  • Magic Snake Game 1.0

    There lives a water snake in a rippling pond deep in a peaceful forest. The forest teems with colorful magic berries. The berries drop into the pond are the favorite food for the snake. The snake has nothing to do but
  • Magic Clock 3D Screensaver 1.1

    magic... What a mysterious and enthralling word. You always want something special to constantly feel happiness caused by some strange magic you find all around you and when it happens you are Unable to tell why. Why is
  • Wizard Balls 1.1.0

    In this game you need to control a wizard to cast magic spells and destroy bouncing balls. You can hit the ball with either the magic star directly or with the tail of the star indirectly, if you can hit the ball
  • Magic Sword - Heroic Fantasy for CPS1 1.0

    In the mission based game magic Sword - Heroic Fantasy, you will play a role of hero. In this game, you are on mission of dealing with evil lord Drokmar, and destroying his magic orb. Actually he wants to rule the world
  • Magic Sky Brushes 1.0

    magic Sky Brushes have the magic to pain a sky brush effects on your digital photos in Photoshop. A Blue sky, white cloud, the effect created by magic Sky Brushes is very lifelike and brings people into a clear and
  • Magic Enhancer Pro 1.1

    magic Enhancer Pro is a Photoshop-compatible plug-in for Windows. Using magic Enhancer you can essentially improve your photos adjust lightness, contrast and color balance. magic Enhancer is perfect for enhancement
  • Mind Reading 2.18

    Mind Reading is a supernatural magic software, including four parts such as Mind Reading, Mysterious Images, magic School and Accurately Guess. Each part has several magic games of different
  • Magic Inventory Management 3.02

    magic Inventory Management provides you a full featured inventory management system for small to medium sized companies. magic Inventory Management has an intuitive, yet user friendly graphical user interface. It is very
  • Magic Enhancer Lite 1.0

    magic Enhancer Lite is a free Photoshop-compatible plug-in for Windows. Using magic Enhancer you can essentially improve your photos “ adjust lightness, contrast and color balance. magic Enhancer is perfect for
  • Free Magic Memory Optimizer

    Whether you want to optimize your system performance or cleanse fragmentation collected in your system with as little effort as possible, magic Memory Optimizer is the tool of choice. No other program is as feature-rich,
  • Rage of Mages 2: Necromancer 1.0

    A very thrilling sequel of the real-time strategy game Rage of mages has been released. You can call your friends to give you support against your enemies which are after your life. You have to gather very powerful
  • Magic The Gathering 3.201

    magic: The Gathering is a trading card game.In the magic game, you play the role of a planeswalker-a powerful wizard who fights other planeswalkers for glory, knowledge, and conquest. Your deck of cards represents all
  • Minimize Magic 2.4

    Minimize magic is a simple but cool utility that will automatically minimize your programs to the system tray instead of the Taskbar. Minimize magic is very easy to configure. Just type in the title of the program,
  • Amulet of Tricolor 1.0

    Three great and powerful wizards created the Tricolor Amulet to protect magic Valley many years ago. An evil sorcerer has disturbed the Stones of Elements, using his magic to send the fairy people of magic Valley into a
  • Feyruna 2 - The Druids 1.0.3

    The battle to save Feyruna continues.Help the Druids of the Fairy Forest. Use your skills and intelligent planning to steer the magic Balls to the Druids. Numerous monsters are out to stop you. Keep collecting gold to be
  • Magic Ball 2 2.2

    You are probably used to the scientific world where you can logically explain most of the things that happen. However, you can have a difference by travelling to a world where magic is the order of the day. magic Ball 2