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  • Hot Wheels Micro Racers 1.0

    hot wheels Micro Racers, as its name suggests, is a car racing game via which you can test your driving reflexes on three challenging courses from behind the wheel of a hot wheels car in hot wheels Micro Racers. Explore
  • Wheels On Fire 1.10

    wheels On Fire is a racing game powered by a realtime ultra realistic physics engine. The game is designed for multiplayer and features different racingmodes for complete satisfaction. wheels On Fire lets you customize
  • MySlotMachine 2.0.1

    MySlotMachine is like a real slot-machine, the aim is to score as many points as possible. "Pulling" a lever you make three wheels start turning, with a speed that depends on the game difficulty. After that, you must
  • Machinehead WheelCalc (32 bit)

    - WheelCalc is a program for calculating spoke lengths when building bicycle wheels- Any spoke crossing patterns possible including wheels with different cross patterns on either side of the wheel.- WheelCalc is an
  • Demo Fruit Machine 0.1.7

    Demo Fruit Machine is a four-reel fruit machine simulation. The goal of this game is to get three or four identical symbols in one row. You can gamble money (British Pounds, in this case) and you get money if the wheels
  • Fantastic Contraption 1.0

    Fantastic Contraption is a puzzle game. Your goal in this game is to make the pink ball go into the pink square. You can use your mouse to click items, and then hold your left button to draw on the blue square; it is the
  • EcoEuroMillions 1.55

    Software with wheels for Euromillions lottery (European lotto- Euromillions , Euromillones, Euromilhões ) that permit to optimize the play. Direct printing on boards ( French, Portuguese, Spanish, English, Swiss (on
  • Wheels of Imagination 1 1.0

    In this game you must score as many points as you can by matching incoming symbols. You match incoming symbols by rotating or moving wheels in different directions. Features: - Different players can try to beat
  • ECOLOTO 4.24

    Software with wheels for lotteries 6/49. These wheels permit to optimize the play. These systems permits to play the numbers selected by the user on several boards with the garantee of a result if a condition is
  • ECOKENO 3.83

    For the players of KENO, BANCO and BANCOJASS lottery games this program has wheels that permits to optimize the play. The program can print directly the slips (on French Keno , Quebec Banco , Ontario Daily Keno , German
  • Daves Color Wheels 1.0

    Daves Color wheels is a puzzle in which you have to turn wheels to make a color from the Start to the Finish. Whatever color you choose to put in the Start Position is the color that has to continue through the End.
  • Wheels On The Bus 1.0

    wheels On The Bus is a simple and fun software for your kids. This traditional children's song illustrates parts of the bus that MOVE (wheels, wipers, doors etc.) through photographs and song. It is completely
  • Enigma Enciphering Machine 1.0

    Here is the concept behind this representation of the Enigma Machine: The program uses virtual "wheels" that contain all of the printable characters on the keyboard. Think of the first wheel as the keyboard you are
  • n-organism Snowball 1.0

    Help "Snowball" to reach windy highs. The only help you will get on this journey are rotating wooden wheels attached to an endless seeming tower. As simple as the game may seem - its highly addictive! While attached to
  • EcoLoto5 1.0

    . 190 wheeling systems (8 in the shareware version). systems for all pick 5lotteries. Random generator. Direct printing on playslips:Florida Fantasy5 , France Loto. several styles of panel presentation on screen. Save
  • WinnaLotto 2.0

    WinnaLotto is a comprehensive Lotto and Keno statistics application. WinnaLotto is able to handle the analysis of numbers from 1 to 80 inclusive with a draw size from 1 to 20 numbers. It can analyse individual numbers or
  • Hot Wheels - All Out for GBA 1.0

    Play classic game hot wheels - All Out on
  • Hot Wheels - Velocity X for GBA 1.0

    Play classic game hot wheels - Velocity X on
  • Lucky Stars Slots 1.0

    Lucky Stars is a realistic simulation of the new breed of video slot machines sweeping the U.S. Unlike traditional slot machines, Lucky Stars has nine separate spinning wheels. This results in eight separate pay lines.
  • Tropical Fruit 1.0

    You will like playing an interesting Tropical Fruit game a lot that has nine separate spinning wheels. You can get bonuses for improving machine performance. The graphics are excellent. This game keeps you busy for
  • Logic wheels logic online 11

    Play logic wheels puzzle and fune online. Restore initial picture. Develop your mind and concentration ability. I invent this game by playing the Rubic
  • LottoPro Wheels 1.0

    A wheeling system puts a group of selected numbers into multiple combinations that gives you a full or partial coverage of all possible combinations. *Unlimited Free Updates *Load your own Lotto wheels. *More than 20
  • FW STAR 2.10

    - All functions are supported by very realistic digital Sounds. - Every 3 wheels can be started or stopped. - 5 different pay-outs can be won. - Up to 100 special games und STAR games can be won. - Money and special
  • Hot Wheels - Stunt Track Challenge 1.0

    Play classic game hot wheels - Stunt Track Challenge on
  • Little Submarine 1.0

    Arcade freeware game with great graphics. New freeware arcade absorbing game by freewaresOnline.com You are a little submarine that travels undersea. There are a lot of enemies living in the deep. Use arrows to rule
  • Starship Free 1.0

    freeware addictive shooting game Do not loose the opportunity to take part in this addictive intergalactic battle, rule your starship using arrows and shoot with Space. Colorful scenery, 4 types of arms, every
  • Web Wheels 1.0

    Web wheels is an internet browser for kids that allows parents to choose the web sites children can vist. It supports separate web site listS for multiple children. Parents control the kids (users) defined in Web
  • Toto Wizard 1.0

    Toto Wizard is windows software program for Toto football (soccer) games like totocalcio, lotofoot, lotosportif, totto, totobola, quiniela , sportska prognoza, sportna napoved... It allows you to make full, abreviated or
  • FW Ring 2.10

    - All functions are supported by very realistic digital Sounds. - Every 3 wheels can be started or stopped. - You can win up to 100 special games and pay-outs with the 5 different jackpot functions. - 12 different
  • Hot Wheels - World Race for GBA 1.0

    The inclusive car racing game is hot wheels - World Race that keeps you busy for several hours. The basic game play is similar to other racing games but you can increase your car speed by taking gold