3d mini games on pc

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  • Original Mini Games 1.0

    Each game is original in its own way, all games are controlled with only four buttons and has short instructions that you should understand on first
  • S64 Games Mini Golf Pro 1.0

    Mini Golf Pro is a golf game like no other! You will be challenged by holes with Fans, Transporters, Rotating Platforms, and even mines! Play with
  • Games: Make money playing video games 1.0

    Learn how you can play games for money in this eBook. Find out the general things you can do to make money by playing a game. Make money playing
  • Games: Make money online playing games 1.0

    Following sections are included in Games: Make money online playing games eBook: Play MMO Games to trade and sell items for real cash; Recommended
  • Free Ride Games - Games-Carousel 2

    Free Ride Games offer consumers PC computer games 100% free. Genres include arcade, card, puzzel, mahjong and
  • Cameo Games: Free games for girls 1.0

    Cameo Casino has just launched, and promises to be the web s most exciting and innovative online casino. Why? Because Cameo Casino is the world s
  • Toolbar-Games.com FLASH GAMES 4.5.188

    Play over 3000 free Flash Games online directly from your browser and listen over 1200 radio stations, watch over 150 streaming TV, search on the web
  • Mini Key Log 4.0

    With a Mini Key Log now you will be able to record the activities of users on a computer without being noticed. The activities that can be recorded
  • Mini 1.0

    Mini is a application server designed to be simple and have a small footprint. It has the features you need to be able to develop small
  • Mini PIM 1.2

    Mini PIM is a freeware personal information manager based on InfoQwik. Easily manage your contacts. Design, edit and print mailing labels. Keep track
  • Mini MP3 2.0

    Mini MP3 2.0 brings you a professional tool which sits in the system tray and unobtrusively plays MP3 files in the background. Will also play many
  • Mini Have A Day 1.2

    A useless but fun Widget that displays different smilies with different messages like "Have A Birthday" or "Have A Twisted
  • mini$ 3.2

    A miniature sized Money Manager that features Simplicity and power in a small package. Features: * Checkbook style transactions * Purchase
  • FTP mini 1.0

    A mini version of my FTP Drop Widget. This one doesn't have a drawer and the results are shown in optional alert. Graphics by Marc
  • Mini Pad 2.3

    A windows note pad clone. A small word processor which contains more features than the plain Vanilla windows notepad. Supports larger file format
  • Mini-XML 2.6

    Mini-XML is a small XML Library that you can use to read and write XML and XML-like data files in your application without requiring large
  • mini CPU 1.0

    The seventh Widget in the mini Widget series. mini CPU is a somewhat smaller version of the CPU Portal Widget that ships with Konfabulator,
  • Mini EB 0.1

    Mini EB is a Mini Web
  • Mini AW 1.0

    Version Mini del Mapa Angelical Wars Category: Hero Defense Tileset: Felwood Dimensions: 96x96 Playable Area: 51x62 Recommended Players: 10 This map
  • Mini Capturer 1.0

    Mini Capturer is a screen capture program that captures images from your pc screen and saves them in BMP, JPG and GIF file formats. It can even export
  • Mini Calculator

    Alternative Windows Mini Calculator with 2 views, general functions, Dec-Hex-Oct-Bin integers. Colorful, has tips and precision control. And Loan
  • Mini-Putt 1.11

    Mini-Putt as a flash game has been very popular for many years. It was about time that someone made it into a desktop game. Just line up your putt,
  • Mini Cars 1

    Race against all the other mini cars to win!
  • Mini Golf 1.3.0

    This is a game with 9 courses of mini golf games. In each course you need to shoot the ball into the hole, the courses have different slopes and
  • Mini CAD Viewer 2.9.3

    Mini CAD Viewer is a compact free CAD viewer and has user friendly interface design. Fresh users can also use with ease. You can zoom in/out and move
  • Mini Backup 1.3.6

    This program makes it possible a selective data reflection (e.g.: of an external non removable disk, a net drive assembly, etc.) to produce. The
  • RunePlayer Mini 1.00 Beta

    RunePlayer Mini is a small, stylish light weight media play it opens the following formats: MP3,WAV, MID, MPG, MPEG, AVI* RunePlayer has a play,
  • Mini-Amadeus 1.0.2

    The official Xiphias maskot Amadeus behaves same like a fish as it does not require proper care as well as it also does not bother you except he has
  • Mini pack 2

    A set of four icons to customize your desktop apps Mini pack 2 will enable you to use these beautiful icons as replacements for the default ones of
  • Mini Web Browser 1.2

    Mini Web Browser - easy to use web browser intended to replace the Windows Internet Explorer Mini Web Browser is a small, easy to use web browser
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  • Extreme Miniature Golf 1.0

    Grab your putter, your rifle, the keys to your spaceship and your lucky rabbit's foot! Extreme miniature Golf is hardly just a round of 18 holes. Its an extreme adventure where the golf greens are packed with cannons,
  • Legends of the Wild West: Golden Hill 1.0

    Witness love and adventure in the Wild West! It's the 19th century and Luka has gone off to fulfill his dreams in America. Follow this romantic story as he and his true love, Natalie, find their way back to each other.
  • Games And More Games 1.2

    games And More games 1.2 offers you a tool which helps you to play 15 classic games with others online. games include: The Helicopter Game, Puzzle Shooter, Snake, BMC Tricks, Gyroball, Solitaire, Bomberman, Pool, Sudoku,
  • Janes Hotel Mania

    Manage hotels in Scotland, Egypt, Monaco and the cold wild Russia. More complicated structure of the hotels and system of services, cool mini-games are waiting for you in this fascinating Jane's Hotel Mania game! You
  • DDDragon 1.60

    Maybe you keep dog, cat or other kind of animal as pet in reallife or in games. But have you ever think about keeping a dragon as pet? Here comes the best interactive pet game on S60 with amazing graphics, excellent
  • Mind Medley

    Mind Medley is a collection of mini puzzle games. The game includes some brain challenges with names like Memory Match, Shadow Shapes, Perfect Pairs, Which Is More, Find New Image, Copy Cat, Color Match and more. The
  • Professor Cornelius 1.2

    This is a nice pack that contains two fun mini-games Color Confusion and Demolition Math. Professor Cornelius has created two minigames for you: Color Confusion and Demolition Math. Play with your friends or your family
  • Unsolved Mystery Club - Amelia Earhart

    In 1937, Amelia Earhart's plane vanished somewhere over the Pacific Ocean. Join the Unsolved Mystery Club??? to explore facts and theories behind the pioneering aviator's disappearance. Find hidden artifacts, solve
  • Frogs in Love 1.0

    Embark on a beautiful journey in search of true love! Set foot on a romantic adventure and bathe in the enchanting waters of distant lands. Meet and befriend other characters who will guide you on this quest and prepare
  • Superior Save 1.0

    It's just another day at the office until you get a voice mail from your boss saying he's been kidnapped and needs your help! Comb graphically rich scenes for hidden clues, follow the trail to your boss by talking with
  • Mini Golf Gold 1.0

    mini Golf Gold 1.0 offers you a great PC game of miniature golf. It is the PC version of the international award-winning web game mini Golf. mini Golf Gold provides several great features like single player or online
  • Handball Challenge Training Camp Vol. 3 Update 1 1.0

    With Handball Challenge Training Camp, which will offer new games as a free download every once in a while, you can get to know the dynamic and action of the sport of handball in small mini-games and practice situations.
  • Cajun Cop 1.0

    Join Inspector Jacques Lamont as he pursues a gang of jewel thieves through the streets of the Big Easy. In this hidden object game, scour the city for clues, from the haunts of the rich to gritty back alleys. As the
  • Legacy World Adventure 1.0

    A global travel challenge combining match-3, mini games, and world knowledge trivia into the race of a lifetime! Help Emily King reclaim her family legacy by winning the Grand Adventures Expedition! Full version: 40
  • Escape from Paradise 2: A Kingdoms Quest 1.0

    Explore more islands in this fun sequel to the hit simulation game, Escape from Paradise. Help your hero marry their true love by becoming the chief of the tribe! Collect wood, food, and build shelters as you work to
  • mini CPU 1.0

    The seventh Widget in the mini Widget series. mini CPU is a somewhat smaller version of the CPU Portal Widget that ships with Konfabulator, however the design is aimed at matching the other mini Widgets. It's
  • Settlement. Colossus 1.0

    Settlement. Colossus is the most adventurous game in which you rule an epic empire, but now you and your band of followers have become nomads. Use your keen eye and strategy skills to build a new society from scratch.
  • The Mysterious City Cairo Game 2.0.4

    The Mysterious City Cairo free game is one of many free games you can download at Free Ride games, The Mysterious City: Cairo is an exciting Hidden Object game that takes you on a journey back to the lands of the
  • AJA Mini Config 2.3.1

    Take control of your AJA mini Converters with AJA mini Config software, a cross-platform application that enables you to view and modify mini Converters settings via a standard USB connection to your computer. The mini
  • Spb AirIslands 1.0

    The first Pocket PC game featuring all the benefits of a powerful PC strategy and designed for Pocket PC playing scenario. Be the owner of a small island. Build it up enjoying excellent graphics (qVGA and VGA supported),
  • Slingo Supreme 1.0

    Slingo Supreme is the sequel to Slingo Deluxe that is packed with even more Slingtastic fun! It features a new and innovated Supreme mode that lets you build over 16,000 different Slingo games. It also contains an
  • Amazing Pyramids 1.0

    Solve intricate word puzzles and unravel the secrets of an ancient city! Lead a group of scientists through addicting mini-games and jumbled letters in the Saharan desert! Earn bonuses for quick and clever solutions!
  • Escape From Paradise for Mac 1.0

    In the Escape From Paradise game, you will perform several types of actions for completing mission successfully. You will not only play 5 major games but will also conquer 12 mini games. Some time, you will guide the
  • Hidden Island 1.0

    Unlock the mysteries of the remote Hidden Island! A round-the-world yachting trip leads you to stumble upon an uncharted island. Step ashore to find and master the Magic Disk, collect artifacts, and beat mini-games to
  • Smurfs' Village for iPhone 1.0

    The Smurfs is a video game that lets players play a series of educational mini-games and read-along stories about the Smurfs. Players will help the Smurfs prepare for the Blue Moon festival in their village, some
  • Weekend Party Fashion Show 1.0

    Dress and style advertising exec Lilly for her fast-paced life of meetings and parties, glitz and glamour! From trendy hidden objects to salon makeover mini-games, it s a savvy shopper showdown of fashion, beauty, and
  • Allegro Mini-game Collection 2 1.0

    This is a collection of mini-games written with Allegro. It is completely open and anyone with a little bit of coding skills can add their own game. The games are implemented as DLLs which are dynamically loaded by the
  • Righteous Kill Game 2.0.2

    Righteous Kill free game is one of many free games you can download at Free Ride games, Step into the shoes of Erica Dean as she investigates New York City crime scenes in a manhunt for a vigilante on a killing spree
  • FlashGamesLAND 1.0

    FlashgamesLAND is a funny game tool with a collection of over 2500 PC games, flash games. You can play sport games, action games, adventure games, skill games, racing games, puzzle games, shooting games, board games,
  • Elementals - The Magic Key Deluxe

    Elementals - The Magic Key is a wonderful combination of adventure, puzzle, and hidden-object games with a fantastic magic theme. In this game, you must help Alpert rescue her sister and restore the Key of Eiron. As you