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  • Victoria Clothes Organizer 1.2

    The handy program Victoria Clothes Organizer allows you to manage your wardrobe. It guides you by creating a clothes set for any event. It enables
  • Clothes Drying Rack 1.0

    You can use handy software application Clothes Drying Rack for prioritizing and racking multiple projects. It has user friendly interface that is
  • Harry Potter 7 Clothes 1.0

    Do you know the most striking news in the world? The welcoming film Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows is coming out soon. Thus we offer you our
  • Kids clothes kids game 008

    kids clothes kids game kids clothes. Kids like games. kids clothes Use this game for free and fun. This is free online kids_clothes kids game. This
  • DCF model -

    Basic excel Template useful for starting a DCF
  • LBO Model -

    Excel model for leveraged
  • XY Model -

    The STP XY Model program implements a Monte Carlo simulation of the planar ferromagnet or XY Model of spins on a lattice. The simulation returns the
  • E O Q Model -

    Simple Inventory Models for calculating Economic Order
  • EVA Model -

    Template worksheets for calculating Economic Value Added
  • OSI Model Screensaver 1.0

    We design special screensavers and wall-papers for IT/Networking professionals and students, who will display our art on their computer screens for
  • Instrumentation Model Kit 7.3.1

    Present-day business requires sharp decision-making based on information that is easy to conceive and that provides only valuable data, filtering out
  • KCF Clock Model 1 1.2

    Computer clocks are designed as a screensaver. That is, when the computer is idle run large, full-screen clock, wall clock emulate. In version 1.2
  • 3D Model Viewer

    The simple but useful program 3D Model Viewer lets you perform various activities with your images. Its major features are it supports
  • Solar Model 2.0

    Solar System simulation with 3D visualization The Solar Model is realtime modeling of solar system. It allows user to navigate in space, to control
  • FotoReplica5.0 (Model 5.0M) 5.0

    You can use FotoReplica software for printing digital photos with the help of your system instantly. It makes the task of printing very easy because
  • Model Air Design 1.1

    Model Air Design - model aircraft design software for Windows PC. Model Air Design is for every person, young or old, who has a desire to design and
  • TMA Model Files

    There is an updated version available for the TMA Model Files database. New TMA Model Files content : - Private MIB files for all EAD/TDM devices
  • Cash Model -

    Template for calculating projected financials from CFO
  • LJFluid2D Model -

    The Lennard-Jones Fluid 2D program shows a system of particles in Two Dimensions interacting via the Lennard-Jones potential. The program displays
  • A Model of Computation -

    A tutorial describing what happens "under the hood" when a computer executes a
  • E x B Trajectory Model -

    The EJS ExB Trajectory model simulates the motion of a charged particle in uniform electric and magnetic fields. The model is incomplete and users
  • Falling Rod Model -

    The Ejs Falling Rod model displays the dynamics of a falling rod which rotates about a pivot point as compared to a falling ball. The simulation
  • Lagrange Top Model -

    The Ejs Lagrange Top model displays the motion of a heavy Symmetric top under the effect of gravity. The top has an initial angular speed that
  • RC Circuit Model -

    RC Circuit models the dynamical behavior of a voltage source attached in series to a resistor and capacitor. The source voltage can be chosen to be
  • 802.11b PHY Simulink Model -

    Simulink?? model of 802.11b wireless LAN physical Layer (baseband), supporting 1Mbps, 2Mbps, 5.5Mbps, and 11Mbps modes. Model includes framing, long
  • Financial Model 2.1

    A nice clean financial model driven by different calculators (such as Company, Market, Subscribers, etc.) developed by Bill
  • PartitionedBox Model -

    The Partitioned Box program displays the number of particles on one half of a box as a function of time after a small hole is made in the Partition
  • Simple ABC Model -

    A simple model that illustrates Activity Based
  • DC Motor Model 2.0

    The files include a Simulink(R) Library with two different models, modeled with basic Simulink blocks, with different Details. The more detailed one
  • EVA Tree Model -

    Economic Value Added Drill-down model with
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  • Lindsay Lohan Dressup 1.0

    Help the model to dress up! The super model Lindsay is going to the show on the platform. But she still hasn t dress up now! Now you are the stylist for her. Design the model just as you like. Firstly, make up for her.
  • Makeover Designer

    Makeover Designer is an interesting dress up game. Choose a new face, design new clothes, and dress your girl, boy, or cat model in this fun makeover game! Dress Up: Use your mouse to pick clothes from the drawer to
  • Dressing up Dolls 2.0

    This is the second version of a doll dressing program I wrote for my 10 yearold.It has boy and girl dolls to dress by clicking the clothes.You can also print out the dolls and their clothes to cut out and play with.The
  • My Doll 1.0

    "My Doll" is a programe for girls who love to plays with dolls. Now your favourite toy waits for you in virtual reality. Change the doll's clothes, help it cook, design its room, clean its wardrobe, change its hairdo
  • Blacked out GIGN 1.0

    This model came to me while i was looking at things to do.. keep me busy.. so i edited the gign model.. gave him black clothes and gave him the GSG9 vest.. If this is your ORIGINAL model let me know.. i BELIEVE it was
  • Victoria Clothes Organizer 1.2

    The handy program Victoria clothes Organizer allows you to manage your wardrobe. It guides you by creating a clothes set for any event. It enables you to create clothes sets according to weather, event, etc. when you
  • Bratz Model Makeover 1

    Thie Bratz games lets you make over a model. Pick her hairstyle, clothes, and make
  • GirlSense Boutique Fast Facts 1.1

    GirlSense is a cool site for Tween and young teen girls who like to be creative and love fashion. Girls can style their own clothes and then display them in boutiques they design themselves. And one of the most
  • Dress Up Rush

    Dress Up Rush 2.6 is a task management game developed by Realore Studios. This game is a new adventure of Jane, the main character of the task management game Jane's Realty. In this new adventure Jane has opened a
  • Melindas Evening Jaunt 1.0

    A walk in the park during the evening can rejuvenate your body and spirit. Here s Melinda who is ready her walk. She needs some good looking clothes. Can you help her decide the best looking clothes for her evening
  • Dress Up Game: Dress Up Stylish Couple 1.0

    Dress up stylish couple. Imagine yourself being a fashion designer. She is a model, he is an artist. Choose suitable clothes for them, help them creating their own style. You can also visit http://dressupcookinggames.com
  • Vintage Clothing 1.0

    Carla loves all things vintage. She rides a vintage car too. And she loves dressing in clothes of old style. Today she has an important presentation to make at an old people s home. Dress her in some old styled clothes
  • Trendy In Yellow 1.0

    Yellow is the color of the season and everyone is out in bright yellow clothes. Sheila too wants to revel in the color. She needs help in choosing some bright looking outfits for her. Help her get some trendy looking
  • Dress Up Your Doll 2.0

    Dress up Your Doll gives you the ability to dress up every doll in the house in doll clothes created on your computer. Play the dress up doll game. You can clone the entire collection of outfits and work with the doll
  • My Doll 3D 1.0

    You can use this free inclusive clothing game for seeing that how the model will look on photo set, catwalk or in the disco. It includes models with more than 200 different clothes as well as it lets you make your own
  • Johnny Depp Dressup 1.0

    The handsome male model Johnny is looking for a stylist for him. Have a test of your skill here in the game Johnny Depp Dressup. Select the clothes, shoes, glasses, shirt for him. Design the hire style for him. Click and
  • Fashion Craze

    Fashion Craze is a cute time management game mainly intended for girls. In this game, you play as Maria, a girl who manages a clothing store and has to help customers get exactly what they want. The mechanism is simple:
  • SKI :) 1.0

    SKI:) is a skiing racing game in 3d colorful environment. Complete each of 6 courses in as short of time as possible while hitting all the gates. Miss one and you will loss time. In secondary game mode ? stop you ticking
  • Fashion Forward

    You play to help Risha who moves to Hollywood as a movie director. But she is appalled to see most of them dressed in bad clothes and decides to do something about it. In a new boutique at LA, she tries to offer people
  • Girs Games Special Occasions 2.1

    Those three special games will let you make up unique fashion creations. Eg. start with goth fashion section where you can find dark clothes and huge choice of shoes - surprise your blog visitors with fashion classics
  • SLSelector 1.1

    Success of failure of the software projects greatly depends on right chose software development lifecycle model. Many software developers make the big mistake of using only one software development lifecycle model
  • Girs Games Cute Pack 3.5

    Games for girls - very special selection of tools that will surely be useful with facebook and personal blogs. These programs allow you to edit Mermaid, Fairy, doggy or playroom. Huge choice of stuff such as fashionable
  • Vensim Model Reader

    The model Reader is an application that allows read-only access to models created with Vensim. The model must be either published as model (.vpm) or application (.vpa) or saved as a Vensim format (.vmf) binary file
  • Harry Potter 7 Clothes 1.0

    Do you know the most striking news in the world? The welcoming film Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows is coming out soon. Thus we offer you our crazy dress-up issue named Harry Potter 7 clothes. Harry Potter is a
  • Zombie Terror Replacement 1.0

    Zombie Terror model Just put it into your Steam folder... This model has the face of a Half-Life 2 corpse. Skin Details Texture: Recolor/Edit model: Default model Player View: No World View: Yes Custom Animations: No
  • Winchester For M3 Model 1.0

    Winchester For M3 model Alteration By DeadMeat Skin Details Texture: Recolor/Edit model: Default
  • Voxel3D 1.2.1

    Voxel3D is a voxel based modeling software, 3D model is created by adding, removing, and painting voxels in the 3D Canvas. If you know how to Paint or playing building toy, you know how to make a 3D model. It is a
  • MD2 Viewer 1.4

    MD2 Viewer is a model viewer and simple editor for .md2 file types. These MD2 models are common for the Quake engine, specially for Quake II 3D models. This MD2 viewer was Chumbalum Soft's first attempt at a model viewer
  • Kids clothes kids game 008

    kids clothes kids game kids clothes. Kids like games. kids clothes Use this game for free and fun. This is free online kids_clothes kids game. This game develop your child. Play kids game. All kids like games. Play it
  • Quidam 3.5

    QUIDAM is an exclusive and comprehensive application that enables you to reinvent character modeling to make it natural, productive and to let you sign your own creations. It provides dynamic bases and each one includes