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  • Feeds Plus 1.0

    feeds Plus is an Internet Explorer 7 add-on that makes your feed reading experience easy and efficient. You can read your feeds in a combined view (aggregate feeds) and get pop-up Notifications when there are new items
  • 3D RSS Feeds Icon

    Now you will find one rss Feed icon in the 3D rss feeds icon. This rss Feed icon is designed by using 3D look.
  • Feed Farmer 1.2

    Serve up your feeds hot and fast with the Feed Farmer. rss Feed Aggregator for .NET platform featuring highly parallel operation. Page scrubber shows you where the feeds are. Group feeds according to whim. Import feeds
  • Seanau Icon Collection 6.3

    Seanau icon Collection includes 2,800 high quality royalty-free stock icons in 256x256, 48x48, 32x32, 24x24 and 16x16 pixels, they come in ICO, ICNS, PNG, GIF and BMP image format. Such as software icon, application
  • Random Transparent OD Icons -

    There are a total of 22 transparent PNG high resolution icons. It includes: - Boxes icon - Defragment icon - Empty Folder icon - Favorites icon - My Documents Folder icon - My Downloads Folder icon - My Games Folder
  • MagicCube FeedStore for Google Reader 0.1

    Feed Store is a very useful tool for those Google Reader fans who love to enjoy reading their feeds at anytime, anywhere, even when they???re offline. Staying silently right on your browser as a small toolbar icon, Feed
  • RSSamantha 0.789

    Create feeds with the help of this Java app. Create feeds with the help of this Java app. rssamantha is a simple and accessible rss / ATOM feed aggregator / creator that is written in Java. The software can accessed
  • RSS Edit 1.21

    rss Edit is easy-to-use rss feed editor that enables you to create and maintain news feeds on your web-site. rss Edit generates feeds using version 2.0 of rss standard. You can edit feeds on your machine and upload new
  • Antares Icon Pack -

    Antares Complete Pack contains 100 high quality (256x256 Pixels) icons; PNG and ICO formats. This package includes: Blue Ray Disk icon, CD Drive icon, iMac OSX icon, iMac icon, Finder icon, Mail icon, Safari icon,
  • Foxish live RSS 1.1

    This extension mimics the excellent native handling of rss feeds in Firefox using live bookmarks. It does this by syncing rss feeds with bookmark Folders and refreshing them every 5 minutes. Install this extension and
  • FeedAmasser 2.0.1

    This light weight rss Feed Reader let's you store your feed channel's with some descriptive label's and collect the feeds as you like. This is an optimized tool for reading rss feeds only. ATOM feeds are not
  • Feed Launch .NET 1 1

    Feed Launch .NET is an open-source feed editor for rss 2.0 and ATOM 1.0 feeds. Feed Launch creates feeds though an interactive fully graphical interface. Simply fill in dialogs and organize feed items through a list.
  • File Blender 0.60

    FeedRoller is a lightweight rss and Twitter feed ticker. It is designed to show scrolling headlines from your favorite news sites, blogs and Twitter account, directly on your desktop. Features o Shows news title,
  • RSS Reader 2.7

    Smart and easy-to-use rss feeds reader Smart, easy-to-use and free rss feeds reader and blog client. Full-featured software for reading rss feeds, Atom feeds, newsfeeds and podcasts. Our rss reader has such features
  • EasyFeed 1.0

    EasyFeed rss software EasyFeed allows users to easily create, edit and publish rss feeds. rss is the standard for content distribution and syndication. Create feeds to keep visitors informed about offers, new products or
  • 3D RSS Feeds Icon for Linux -

    Description: 1 Free rss Feed icon designed with 3D look. Content: rss
  • Radio RSS 2.1

    A cool new multifeed rss Reader. Program your 30 favorite feeds and have them read to you either at a fixed schedule or on demand. Click through your feeds and select items of Interest to you. Comes preprogrammed
  • IISIP 0.88

    There are two kinds of "IP feeds" or lists of IPs to block: 1) Remote IP feeds 2) Local IP feeds Remote IP feeds download their contents from a URL everytime they are used so even though you may see .txt files for
  • Multiple RSS Feed Reader 2.8.1

    Watch multiple rss feeds at the same time from up to ten rss compliant websites. European and Unicode/Extended character support for feeds from multiple languages. Mouse over for scrolling information about story after
  • Easy RSS Mixer 2.05

    Easy rss Mixer enables you to mergevarious feeds of rss into one. It doesnot require any extra rss knowledge and allows you to just add source rss feeds and the remaining process is done by the program. It works in
  • LHBs Auto Content Generator 2.1

    What the program does: 1, Searches for rss feeds related to your site and niche. 2, Updates your web content with filtered AutoPilot content. 3, Fill your site with updated quality content that will keep the Visitors
  • PRPNews - RSS News Feed Reader Pocket PC 1.08

    rss, Atom and Dynamic News Article feeds Reader for Windows Mobile Pocket PC. All the latest News & Reviews in your Hands with PRPNews. Fetches & manages rss/Atom & Dynamic feeds of your favorite topics for
  • NFReader 1.4.1

    NFReader is a small and simple to use Feed Reader for rss, Atom and RDF feeds. feeds and group of feeds can be exported to OPML files. The import from OPML files is supported as
  • NFRead 1.4

    NFReader is a small and simple to use Feed Reader for rss, Atom and RDF feeds. feeds and group of feeds can be exported to OPML files. The import from OPML files is supported as
  • Feed Scout 2.30a

    Now you can turn your browser into handy rss reader using this toolbar for Internet Explorer that can be used directly from IE. Capable of filtering rss feeds so you can monitor rss feeds using keywords. Interface is
  • Blackmagic Videohub 4.9.2

    Blackmagic Videohub allows you to monitor all the video feeds. The software incorporates advanced features and tools to manage and control the live video feeds that are currently broadcasting. The live feeds broadcast
  • Feed Editor RSS Creator 6

    Feed Editor is convenient rss feeds editor. You want to create professional rss feeds but you don't want to work complicated rss technology. Feed Editor is solution for you! You don't need to be a computer science
  • RSS Feeds Toolbar for Microsoft Internet Explorer 1.3.04

    rss feeds Toolbar for Microsoft Internet Explorer 1.3.04 is an application for controlling rss feeds and showing the most recent headlines from the feeds in an Internet Explorer toolbar. It is free. The headlines are
  • Free Stocks Ticker 1.6.2

    A highly customizable open sourced free scrolling stocks or news titles from rss feeds. Default feeds include Fox-news, CNN and Yahoo news. Quotes are downloaded from Yahoo. The utility uses very little CPU power. Users
  • Fox Notifier 1.3.3

    Fox Notifier Add-on for Firefox is a Site Update Notifier which allows you to get real-time updated content Notifications to your status bar from your favorite websites feeds, your twitters & Facebook pages, blogs,