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  • POS MAID 2.25

    Point of Sale & Credit Card Processing software for your Business. POS MAID is highly recommended for general merchandise retail stores, such as: Dollar store, Grocery store, Bakery, Auto / Car Sales, Clothing store,
  • OnlineShop 1.5

    Get more customers with your own online store! With this software you can setup your online store withing a few minutes. You only have to enter a name and description for your products and make a few choices for the
  • CoffeeCup Shopping Cart Designer 3.9.463

    Shopping Cart designer is a feature rich environment which is used by developers to create online shopping stores. You can design in very easy way. You can customize background, text and links etc. with a single click.
  • Interspire Shopping Cart 5.0.2

    Interspire Shopping Cart, a new breed of E-commerce software includes everything you need to start, run, promote and profit from your online store. Interspire Shopping Cart includes features which make it easier for
  • Hailstone ODS 2.2.1

    Does your application need a database backend? Not a database expert? Fed up with writing tedious data access code? ODS is aimed at Microsoft .NET Developers who need a database backend for their application,
  • Avactis 1.9.1

    Avactis Shopping Cart is a software package that allows you to open an online store on the Internet. Compared to other Similar software, Avactis offers a unique advantage of very simple integration of the online store
  • Model Air Design 1.1

    Model Air design - model aircraft design software for Windows PC. Model Air design is for every person, young or old, who has a desire to design and create airplane models but have found Computer Aided design (CAD)
  • Dealer Store Locator Map (USA) 1.01

    Interactive Flash Dealer store locator is a unique vector-based tool that helps you to originally represent the information about your business locations. Now it is not only a simple list of offices or stores but also
  • Amazon Store Builder 1.1

    With Amazon store Builder you can add relevant Amazon products to ANY existing website with a few clicks or create brand new online estore in a few minutes! Amazon store Builder is simply the most easy to use and
  • E-shop Master ASP Edition 2.5

    The product enables you to sell online services (e-store ownership) using monthly subscription to customers who want to have E-Shop without having to buy and host scripts needed for that. Customers can build their own
  • Bonus Content - Foyer Items January 2006 1.0

    Chief Architect - professional 3D architectural home design software. Automated building tools make home design, remodeling, interior design and kitchen & bath design easy. Discover why Chief Architect is the home design
  • BugMall Shopping Cart for liunx 4.0.1

    BugMall Shopping Cart is a robust feature rich ecommerce Shopping Cart software. It is a key in online business success. We provide free technical support. Our experts are always ready to answer questions, even handle
  • Genesis Integral Object Designer 4.0

    Genesis IOD is a surface modeler and solid modeler software. This CAD plug in has the power to generate complex and predictable objects, using only plane projections, 2D view of the design as input. It has the ability
  • Design Manager 1.37

    design Manager is the fully integrated Project Management and Accounting software for Interior designers and any trade associated with design. This interior design software allows design professionals to standardize
  • Concrete Column Design 2.3

    Concrete design software, like all Digital Canal software provides the quickest and most complete solution to your engineering design problems. This concrete design software will design or check concrete columns for
  • EROL Business 4.5

    EROL combines exceptional design control with all the features needed to build, maintain and manage a successful, secure multi-level online store. The fully featured Business Edition provides all the design and product
  • Order Desk Xpert 1.1

    This is a trial version of a comprehensive order entry, Inventory Management, and prospect/Customer Contact management system which is network-ready. It is designed to be very easy to use for small businesses who may
  • TOWeb 6.14

    TOWeb is a software for creating yourself a modern responsive website or online store compatible with any device: mobile phone, tablet, PC, TV...TOWeb uses HTML5 & CSS3 but do not require any programming knowledge or
  • Salery 1.1.6

    The Salery web shop software allows you to create and maintain a database of all the items in your on-line web store and publish the database in the form of web pages. If you have a homepage, you can update your web
  • CoffeeCup Shopping Cart Designer Professional 3.9.463

    Shopping Cart designer Pro gives you control over all the details of your Shopping Cart Creator theme design. Customize backgrounds, modify text and link properties, adjust margins, padding, borders, and more. You can
  • Shipping Container House Plans 1.1

    Shipping Container House Plans software , 3D CAD design software. Bring your design ideas to life in a fully interactive 3D model of your Home design
  • MyVirtualHome 3.1

    MyVirtualHome - Free Home design software, 3D CAD design software. Bring yoru design ideas to life in a fully interactive 3D model of your Home design Ideas with
  • Realtime Landscaping Plus 2011 Demo 6.15

    New landscape design software by Idea Spectrum. design decks, yards, fencing, gardens, patios, houses, and much more. design in full 3D, or over a photo of your existing landscape. This new landscaping software is easy
  • Bonus Content - Watersport Items 1.0

    Bonus Content - Watersport Items is a pack that contains Water elements for design. This pack is used with Chief Architect so in order to use it you need Chief Architect installed. professional 3D architectural home
  • Business Card Designer Plus

    Business Card designer Plus allows you to create stunning business cards on any Windows compatible printer. With this software you can create your own business cards in literally seconds. It is that easy to use! CREATE
  • Winfoil 2.2

    Winfoil is a Windows program which provides the capability to design Wing, tail and Fuselage components for Model Aircraft.Listed below are the features provided;---------------------------------------design wings,
  • Home Design Software 3.1

    You can bring your design ideas to life by using Home design software 3D CAD
  • WeaveMaker 8.6

    WeaveMaker is powerful, professional design software that makes sense to designers. It is the perfect software tool for the intermediate to advanced designer of woven fabrics. WeaveMaker is packed with features for dobby
  • Easy Loudspeaker Calculator 2.3

    Use the "Easy LoudSpeaker Calculator", Don't need to understand specially abstruse and difficult various professional theories knowledge, all software has been arranged to help you, let you easily completed cumbersome
  • Aku Shaper 1.18.000

    A powerful, yet very easy to use surfboard design application. A powerful, yet very easy to use surfboard design application. With tens of thousands of users and over 70 shaping machines world wide, the Aku Shaper