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  • StrokeAnalyzer 1.0.9

    strokeAnalyzer helps you identify and correct flaws in your pool stroke by utilizing video recording and playback. On screen markup tools allow you to monitor the flaws in your stoke. This visual feedback is extremely
  • Mouse Stroke

    Use mouse strokes (aka gestures) to accelerate your operations. Support super drag & go, rocker gestures and wheel gestures in one extension! Volunteer translators needed. Mouse stroke is a Google Chrome extension
  • vigacmoe Mouse Stroke 1.9.3

    Mouse stroke is a Google Chrome extension which enables mouse strokes (also known as mouse gestures) in the browser. You can perform common tasks by simply moving your mouse. for example, you can go back to the
  • PakMed PakNeurol 07 1.0.0

    A neurological assessment tool developed in/for Microsoft Office Access and is based on Mathew stroke Scale for the neurological evaluation of a patient with acute stroke. The score correlates well with the severity of
  • AutoTypewriter 1.0.2

    Auto-Typer application that idetifies a specific key stroke key stroke Combination consisting of a combination of the keys Ctrl/Alt/Shift + F9-F12/PrtScn/Pause and then type automaticly a pre-set
  • Chinese Character Stroke Order Animator 2.10

    Maybe you already can speak Chinese perfectly, even reading, but when it comes to writing it would be a really tough job. Yes, Chinese characters are difficult. They are totally different from western letters. Don't
  • Elian 4.1

    Elian is a family of professional software for digital writing, based on the Anoto Digital Pen System, Elian can record dynamically all drawing, writing or graphical tests (such as Rey???s Complex Figure (RCF), ???Trail
  • TaalMala 3.50

    TaalMala is a (Microsoft Windows) PC based Tabla/Pakhawaj accompaniment software for music enthusiasts and professionals. Although the software has been developed with an Indian Classical Musician in mind, it is useful
  • Chestnut 1.0b

    Now you can enjoy autumn season anytime with beautiful Chestnut screensaver. It shows you chestnut between leaves that are pictured stroke by stroke under your eyes. You will not understand this screensaver quickly but
  • ReadWrite Chinese (Simplified) 2.02

    ReadWrite Chinese teaches the 1000 most frequently Chinese characters. The program features a flashcard-like review, and a number of exercises to assess progress. Also included is stroke order animation for all 1000
  • SEAN : Session Analysis 1.1

    SEAN can communicate directly with the RP3 USB interface as well as the Rowperfect PC interface for recording training sessions. When recording, over 25 values are calculated for each stroke, such as Power, stroke length
  • QJDicExample r204

    Open Source English to Japanese dictionary. Open Source English to Japanese dictionary. QJDicExample is developed as a Qt-based and Open Source Japanese to English and English to Japanese dictionary. The tool
  • Draw Watermark beneath PDF Content

    AWinware Pdf watermark software is powerful 5 star awarded desktop utility which helps in drawing watermark on more than one pdf document. Tool provides option to draw watermark above the page content as well as beneath
  • Stroke Painter 1.0

    stroke Painter is a superior to cjkmobile project (http://code.Google.com/p/cjkmobile/) to introduce animated Java mobile learning application to show how to Paint the strokes order for Chinese, Japanese, Korean common
  • Trapcode 3D Stroke 2.6

    With 3D stroke, paths, logos or lines can take on LiVES of their own: glowing, tapering, and moving in complex ways through 3D space, while a built-in camera lets you Capture the action from any angle. It's broadcast
  • LexiKAN 2.0

    LexiKAN is a powerful and versatile software application for learning to read and write Japanese kanji, hiragana, and katakana. Its key features include: Contains all 1,945 Jouyou kanji characters; Supports the EDICT
  • PocketBowling 1.1

    The PocketBowling game is Similar to Bowling, one of the most popular and classical games! Different in their functions modes (stroke, Arcade and Swing) enable you to enjoy the true physical laws when throwing the ball
  • Pegasus 1.0

    This drawing system beautifies your free hand strokes, and predicts your next drawings. Drawing lines You can draw a free stroke using left button dragging. The system beautifies it when you finish drawing. Red line
  • GuiPar 1.1

    The Palm device can be used in the guitar style. Please select the CHORD (like 'C') on the screen, and play it with the hardware button (note pad button etc.) [Features] * Clie-T/NR/NX/NZ/SJ33/TG, Visor+BeatPlus FM
  • Paranoid Security Hack 0.9

    Lock current application by password Palm OS 5 only. Freeware. Activate it using command bar or stroke from calc (fav) to find. Do you want to: - Give your Palm to wife for reading books? - Launch game for
  • MegaBowling 1.0

    The MegaBowling game is similar to Bowling, one of the most popular and classical games! Different in their functions modes (stroke, Arcade and Swing) enable you to enjoy the true physical laws when throwing the ball or
  • 3D Image Commander 2.20

    You can create thumbnails with 3D styles and effects by using handy and inclusive software 3D Image Commander. Its major features are it has user friendly interface; it allows you to use copyright notice for protecting
  • Mesh Utils 2.5

    Mesh Utils adds seven commands in the Object menu, one effect and one tool to create, colour, and otherwise manipulate gradient meshes. The radiaL Mesh tool allows you to create a polar mesh from existing closed paths
  • Easy Save As 1.0

    Just a simple Mouse stroke accross your favorite web picture, and the picture is saved to your specified folder. With Easy Save As, saving a web picture takes only a second. There is no need to interact with the context
  • ABC Chinese Learning Tools 1.0

    ABCconcept - ABC Chinese Learning Tools software has been designed and developed to help users to learn how to Pronounce and write Chinese characters. The full version of the software [comparing with the demo version]
  • ReadWrite Kanji 1.5.2322

    READWRITE KANJI teaches the complete 1945 jouyou Japanese kanji characters. The program is based around a "Learning List" which groups a sub-set of the total1000 kanji. This allows students to concentrate their efforts
  • Golf for NES 1.0

    The best golf game is Golf for NES because it includes a power/accuracy bar for the alternation of club. You will first decide that in which mode you want to play game such as you want to play single stroke, double
  • 3D New Years Countdown Screensaver 1.0

    3D New Years Countdown Free Happy New Ye... download the Free 3D New Years Countdown Happy New Years Screensaver from ScenicReflections.com. Customizable symbols of time float as the clock softly counts down to
  • Cacidi Cropmarks CS4

    Cacidi Cropmarks CS4 applies cropmarks, bleedmarks and guides to individual objects in your Adobe InDesign document. Give Cacidi Cropmarks CS4 a try to see what it's really capable of! FEATURES: Customize your
  • KingHanzi CHS for Windows 6.0.3

    KingHanzi CHS for Windows 6.0.3 is such a professional and useful Chinese hanzi flashcard system for learning to read and write Chinese simplified characters on the PocketPC. It includes stroke animations for over 545