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  • ATLAS Technical Dictionaries 14.0

    atlas is a high quality machine translation software package for Japanese to English and English to Japanese. atlas has a sophisticated content-sensitive translation engine and comprehensive standard dictionary that
  • AW Geographical Atlas 3.0

    Learn more about countries in the world. Keep this atlas as the reference when you need geographical information such as country location, neighbours, capital, population, economy, military and more including country map
  • ATLAS.ti 6.2

    atlas.ti uncovers complex phenomena in data. atlas.ti helps you to uncover the complex phenomena hidden in your data. atlas.ti offers a powerful and intuitive work environment designed to keep your focus centered on
  • Pocket Atlas 2.0

    Pocket atlas is a mini atlas that you can load into your pocket pc and carry it with you wherever you go. It allows you to have all the countries information, maps, flags and even time handy whenever you need
  • The Right Track 10.0

    Right Track Freeware is a layout planning program for the PC (Windows only). The program allows you to design your dream layout using electronic templates of atlas O's 21st Century Track® System, atlas N scale and HO
  • Historica 1.0

    A History of the world in maps An electronic historical atlas that summarises world history from the origins of Man through to the modern day. The program illustrates the rise and fall of all the great powers of history
  • MXUDL 3.9.62

    This is a software designed for Pyronix atlas and Matrix Control Panels. Pyronix is a globally recognised manufacturer of Security Equipment. This Pyronix atlas is a fully backlit external sounder which maximises
  • Diercke Globe 2.1.41

    With links and additional information on important topics for geography lessons. 3D-view of atlas (book) maps on a virtual globe, high resolution physical map, political map, satellite images, land coverage and
  • CT and MRI Interactive Atlas of Cross-Sectional Anatomy 1.1e

    Ultimate solution for atlas of Human Anatomy in CT / MRI Cross-Section. Ultimate solution for atlas of Human Anatomy in CT / MRI Cross-Section. This computer based interactive atlas of Cross-Sectional Anatomy, with a
  • Meyer Handy Atlas 1892 1

    Meyer atlas 1892 Overview and detailed view of the world at the end of XIXth century, for all operating systems. 100 maps of Europe and the full Earth surface. These maps have been printed in 1892 and show the
  • World Physical Atlas 3

    Now you can easily get map with handy software application world Physical atlas. It actually shows you all lands as well as land and sea; land relief, sea depth, lakes rivers, major cities, and sea because; it has
  • MacQibla 3.0.5

    Available exclusively for OS X! If you do business in the Islamic world, or belong to the Islamic faith, MacQibla is the perfect time and calendar tool... supporting both the Islamic and Western calendars. Version
  • DX Atlas 2.25

    Electronic world atlas for Radio Amateurs. Scrollable world map with smooth zoom, DXCC territories, province/state prefixes, Grid Squares, CQ and ITU Zones in the rectangular, azimuthal and Globe projections, 3D relief,
  • World Trade Atlas

    This program is the premier source in the world for timely, easy-to-use trade data. It has an unique and dynamic interface which allows you to access the data you need with a minimal amount of effort, while providing
  • Netpas Distance 3.2 Build 3252

    Netpas Distance is the port distance table which shows you the distances of more than 11000 ports from throughout the world and 60 million distances database. It also let you do simple voyage estimations, Vessel
  • OnLineLiveWorld 1.0

    Onlineliveworld put the world in your hands. Allow to create Notes, Alarms, and see the Information about any country, Maps, Weather, CIA Reports, atlas... Transportations, Bus, Metro, Rail? Newspapers, Accommodations?
  • AstroSrc 1 25

    AstroSrc contains natal chart interpretations, daily transit interpretations, single and dual chartwheels, two types of keyword features, 7 different house systems. AstroLine graphic planetary display, a meanings form
  • GeoEdu 1.31

    GeoEdu is a software in two parts: a Game on Geography exceeding 100.000 questions and a brand new atlas covering all the countries and their dependencies in the world including interactive maps and details for each
  • Neuer Atlas zur Geschichte des Alten Orients 1

    Interactiv atlas on the history of the Ancient Orient, showing a page for every
  • Virtual Moon Atlas 4.0

    Virtual Moon atlas is a software solution that can help you gather useful information about the moon. The application is able to display interactive moon phases, and to locate different lunar formations. It sports a
  • EZ-Locate Client 2.47

    EZ-Locate is an Internet-based geocoding service that provides real-time access to the Tele atlas address database and geocoding technology. It is designed to let users enjoy the benefits of high volume batch geocoding
  • Neptune Tidal Streams 1.0

    The Neptune tidal stream program provides tidal heights and a dynamic tidal stream atlas. Choose your date with a couple of mouse clicks then step through half-hour at a time. The atlas instantly updates to give you a
  • Brain Explorer

    View a fully interactive version of the Allen Human Brain atlas in 3D.Brain Explorer 2 is a desktop software application for viewing the human brain anatomy and gene expression data in 3D. Using Brain Explorer 2, you
  • Virtual Moon Atlas Light 3.5

    Virtual Moon atlas Light is a program that allows you to explore and analyze the Moon. This is a premier application for amateur astronomers interested in the moon. The interface of the program is very simple. You can
  • Aladin for Linux 6.011

    Aladin is an interactive software sky atlas allowing the user to visualize digitized astronomical images, superimpose entries from astronomical catalogues or databases, and interactively access related data and
  • Aladin 6.011

    Aladin is an interactive software sky atlas allowing the user to visualize digitized astronomical images, superimpose entries from astronomical catalogues or databases, and interactively access related data and
  • AgroAtlas 1.1

    The atlas of Agrobiological Resources of Russia and Neighbouring Countries (hereunder the Agroatlas) contains descriptive and cartographic information about agroecological conditions, main cultivated crops and their wild
  • Time Palette Lite 3.0

    Elegant & intuitive world time and Almanac tool. - Current local time in 10,000 Cities worldwide. - Customizable atlas. - Accurate worldwide Daylight Saving Time information. - Local times of Sun & moon, Rise /
  • Historical Atlas of Europe Basic bilingual 1.2

    Periodical Historical atlas of Europe Basic version Europe at the end of each century from year 1 to 2000, bilingual maps for all operating systems. 21 maps of Europe and Mediterranean basin. 1 map per century from
  • AtlasMajorCities 1.0

    Supports Game Version: 3.1.0 atlasMajorCities is a plugin for atlas that add the possibility to browse the Major Cities maps with almost every Non-playing characters (NPCs) that you can interact with. It also include