3d action puzzle game

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  • Rubies! 1.0

    Rubies is a action puzzle game in which you must remove all the rubies from the playfield. But first you must destroy all the color bricks, all while avoiding the deadly skull blocks. This game is a mix of breakout and a
  • Geetris 1.4.1

    An exciting multi-player action-puzzle game! Geetris, a Tetris extention - play this high quality and challenging action-puzzle game for Windows Use keen logic and quick thinking to connect coloured areas with
  • Tiger Puzzle 1.10

    puzzle against the clock. Tiger puzzle is a action-puzzle game for the whole family. Tiger puzzle contains many different themes like architecture, nature, technics and so on. Every theme contains 10 different puzzles
  • Bubble Pop Puzzle 1.0

    Bubble Pop puzzle is a action puzzle game in which you must shoot bubbles of different colors and types to pop and drop other bubbles. Features: * puzzle Mode with Branching System. * 90 balanced puzzle levels for
  • Arabesque 1.1

    Arabesque is a puzzle game in best traditions of match three games. The main idea is similar to classic puzzle game - lines where your objective is to line up 5 balls of the same colour. However we've made a lot of
  • Far Out 1.0

    Far Out is an action puzzle game set in space in the year 3012. You play as Bob Loony, a treasure hunter searching through the scraps of crashed starships along the interplanetary trading routes. You must arrange and
  • Block Attack - Rise Of the Blocks

    Block Attack - Rise of the Blocks is a puzzle/blockfall game and is inspired by Nintendo's Tetris Attack for the Super Nintendo. The game is pretty action packed for a puzzle game.The game is programmed by Poul Sander
  • Bali Adventure 1.0

    Awesome rolling Ball action! Your friend has been abducted by forces unknown... hidden deep within the Bali Jungle! Hot on the trail, you must solve the ancient puzzles there to find clues to your friend's location!
  • Pow Pow's Puzzle Attack for Mac 1.0

    Pow Pow's puzzle Attack is a true "action" puzzle game. Help Pow Pow defeat enemies and collect coins across lush environments in this unique action puzzler. However you won't be alone. You can compete against thousands
  • Pow Pow's Puzzle Attack for Windows 1.0

    Pow Pow's puzzle Attack is a true "action" puzzle game. Help Pow Pow defeat enemies and collect coins across lush environments in this unique action puzzler. However you won't be alone. You can compete against thousands
  • TaMiGoN 1.1.9d

    TaMiGoN is a new and unique logic puzzle game. The game brings together game elements from the Chinese Tangram puzzles and mixes them with modern action puzzle ideas such as color and shape matching. This game is a
  • Gem Over 1

    Gem Over 1 provides you with a very interesting and really cool puzzle game in real 3D environment. Play alone or with your friends via network (up to 4 players). Customizing game settings you will get Relax or action
  • VBlocks

    Clear the blocks and move to the next level of this puzzle game of blocks! Leave just one lone block and your puzzle game has ended! VBlocks combines strategy and fast-paced action to create a simple, but extremely
  • Inspheration

    Inspheration is a fun puzzle game in which you have to insert three adjacent spheres of the same color but different sizes one into another, thus causing a bright explosion and eliminating them from the board. The
  • PegIt 1.0.9d

    Unique Peg Solitaire style action puzzle game PegIt is a unique and challenging level-based logic puzzle game. Originally inspired by the classic board game 'Peg Solitaire'. The object of the Peg Solitaire game is to
  • Neko Puzzle Demo 1.1

    Neko puzzle is a cute puzzle game that will make you feel good! Think fast to guide a little jumping cat around each puzzle before the time runs out. Features adorable graphics, a puzzle solver in case you get stuck,
  • ArcaPuzzle

    This is really action puzzle arcade game.You have to pass more than 100 cool action puzzling levels. On each level you have to destroy all color non-blinking bricks with your six color balls, choosing appropriate ball
  • Shroomz 1.0

    Get your daily dose of action, adventure, and puzzle solving with this unique game. Awarded Billboard's Web/Downloadable game of the Year, Shroomz mixes a fairytale storyline with exciting puzzle game play. Guide
  • Big Money

    Big Money is an exciting game in which you will collect groups of 3 or more matching coins and fill up the money bags and advance to the next level. Playing in three different game types: action, Strategy, and puzzle
  • Ta-Ta Mahatta 1.02

    Ta-Ta Mahatta is a 3D third person adventure puzzle following the Ta-Tas?? quest to rid the Fungi infestion from their land. The game is designed for an ESRB rating of E: Everyone Features: A unique 3D
  • Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo for GBA 1.0

    Capcom's knockout puzzle game action, named Super puzzle Fighter II Turbo, set in the Street Fighter universe. It is one of the best puzzle game chockfull of ferocious competition, pint-sized characters and non-stop
  • Provillus Puzzle 1.0

    Online 99 piece Provillus puzzle game Free This is a Online 99 piece Provillus puzzle game. Free To Download.The Provillus puzzle is a really cool 99 piece jigsaw puzzle complete with full in game controls. It comes
  • DNA 1.0

    DNA offers a completely new spin on the action puzzle genre...one that's unlike anything you've ever played before! Help biologist Dr. Rose Thompson with her experiments in the creation of new species of flowers! Combine
  • SudokuMania 2.15

    This is the game based on the very popular logical numeric game, mostly known by anyone - Sudoku. Contains loads of levels from the easiest to the hardest ones. game is also enriched with timer, which shows you how
  • Lunch Puzzle Deluxe 1.0

    Lunch puzzle Deluxe it is bright representative new generation of puzzle games. This puzzle game difference from standard puzzle games there is now you get more than one puzzle game. Base task of the Lunch puzzle Deluxe
  • BLOCKSUM 1.0.8

    BLOCKSUM is a fun and easy-to-learn action puzzle game. Join blocks, and gather up blocks numbered same to destroy them. The program has network ranking function where is ghathering records of the game. The game
  • Christmas Puzzle for Mac 1.0

    Christmas puzzle is a great gift for your children. It's a colorful children's game that entertains and educates the little ones by showing them bright and colorful pictures of attributes and characters related to this
  • Green Home 1.0

    The green home puzzle is a jigsaw game that you can play on your home computer. The green home puzzle game is challenging, safe, and fun for all ages. The puzzle was created based on a cabin in Tonasket Washington in
  • Kaskade 1.1.7

    A fun sliding blocks action puzzle game. Kaskade is a classic sliding blocks action puzzle game from the makers of BoXiKoN and CornerChaos! The game play is very easy to pick up. Simply slide a 2x2 set of multicolored
  • Honeybee

    A truly addictive puzzle game! The Queen Bee has formally requested your assistance in the expansion of Her Glorious Kingdom. You`ll need strategy and skill in this uniquely addictive puzzle-based matching game as you