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  • Amoebas online 1

    Kill all amoebas Kill all amoebas. Shoot. flash movie animation. albino black sheep flash files shoot. Shoot. by Danny miller. save midst send midst aim. download alien shooter shareware software game the military
  • Theseus: Return of the Hero 1.0

    Theres a new hero in town in this raucous shooter! Powered by the alien shooter engine, Theseus: Return of the Hero has the same feel and addictive game play that you know and love. Faced with 10 uniquely challenging
  • Alien Shooter Gold Pack 1.0

    alien shooter Gold Pack consists of follwowing titles: - alien shooter 2 - Reloaded - alien shooter 1 - Zombie shooter alien shooter 1 The endless darkness and the somber, long passages of a military complex have
  • Alien Dominion: The Acronian Encounter 1.0

    alien Dominion: The Acronian Encounter is an indie game for the PC/windows platform (indie 3d space shooter) intended to be downloaded from various game portals. The player is in a role of a gunner/shooter of a ship
  • Alien Zap 2.0

    "alien Zap" is a new free downloadable shooter game where you fight a band of green monsters. You get into a scary mystic parallel world inhabited with monstrous green creatures. The enemies are entraping you! The aim of
  • Outpost 41 1.0

    Outpost 41 is a mix of horror and first-person shooter. It is technically 2D, but viewed from first person perspective. You command a squad of four soldiers, proceeding into an abandoned, alien-infested outpost in search
  • Alien Stars 2008 1.121

    Welcome to the fantastic world of alien Stars - a breathtaking vertical scrolling space shooter game! The game of our future. Leave your fears behind. Set your mind free. Believe in the endless universe and the millions
  • mpowerplayer 2.0

    Mpowerplayer is your digital hub for mobile gaming. Play an entire library of mobile games right on your desktop, for free. It's a storefront for finding, trying, and buying software for your mobile phone. Every
  • Wacky shooter 1.0

    Quack is the name of this wacky alien shooter. He came to earth in order to shoot down those few left humans who managed to survive the first wave of alien invasion. Those humans are waiting for you, heavily armed and
  • Alien Invaders Attack! 1.0

    Free arcade style space shooter game for the PC. In alien Invaders Attack you will fight wave after wave of attacking alien space
  • Clash N Slash 1.20

    Enjoy non-stop action space shooter with extremely simple controls suitable for all ages! Clash™N Slash, a totally new and highly addictive arcade space shooter for players who want to enjoy a fresh exciting gameplay
  • Alien Zone 1.0

    Pokie Magic - alien Zone is an Aussie style poker machine simulation (also called a slot machine or a "Pokie"). Play the pokies at home! The one time price gives you THREE great games - alien Zone 5 Reels, alien Zone 6
  • Space Alien Invaders 1.0

    Free arcade style space shooter game for the PC. In Space alien Invaders you will fight wave after wave of attacking alien space invader
  • Alien Abduction

    Pumpkin games' tribute to Eugene Jarvis's seminal arcade shooter Defender features all the ingredients that made that game a classic. Inspired by Mutant Storm and featuring elements of the finest twitch games coupled
  • Rocket Shooter 1.000

    Shoot down the bloodthirsty UFOs with rockets from your military aircraft in this shooter game. Fill the sky with UFO wreckage as you shoot down the alien invaders. Watch out for return fire though as your enemy will
  • UFO Slasher 2.0

    Destroy alien intruders! This free action games is as well one of the best shooting games out there. It is your mission to destroy alien intruders trying to invade your home planet. The defense on your planet is not
  • Alien Hallway 1.15

    alien Hallway is a totally new action- strategy shooting game for the PC developed by alien shooter series makers, Sigma Team company.Here, in Sigma's adrenaline-fueled game, players measure stamina with a never-ending
  • Star Reaver 1.0

    Star Reaver is a freeware arcade style space shooter game, available for free download. Defend your ship from dive bombing alien space invaders. Grab the power ups for powerful new multi-directional weapons that shred
  • Monster Attack 2.0

    aliens landed and want to take over the world. You just cannot let that happened. You are a gunman owning a powerful anty-alien weapon. But a good gun without a great shooter means nothing. Kill those ugly creatures and
  • Alien 8.73

    alien is a handy application that allows you to converts between the RPM, DPKG, stampede SLP, and slackware TGZ file formats. alien is made available as the alien package in Debian. In order to use alien, several other
  • Martian Munny Slots - Pokies 6.37

    5 reel 20 payline slots pokies game Martiany Munny is a 5 reel, 20 payline slot machine game with an alien theme. It works just like a real slot machine game. You can't win any real money, but you can win plenty of
  • Christmas Bubble Golden Pack 1.0

    Match the colors and pop the bubbles. Those games are as addictive as Tertris and even more fun! All the games of Bubble series combined into one! Now you can install these games - Bubble shooter, Bubble Thriller and
  • Borderlands - The Zombie Island of Dr.Ned 1.41

    Borderlands™ sends up to four co-op players to the harsh frontier planet Pandora in search of a mysterious alien Vault legend. Featuring a unique First Person Roleplaying shooter gameplay, you'll customize your character
  • Alien X

    alien X offers you a chance to shoot all the homicidal aliens that invaded the space station. Scientists in Sector 8 have opened a portal to another dimension. A dimension that's filled with hellish, homicidal aliens
  • LV-426 1.5

    A Remake of an old first-person shooter LV-426 is a remake of an old first-person shooter game called 'aliens'. The game is based on the second movie in the alien movie series. The action takes place in first-person
  • Juggernaut Corps: First Assault 1.0

    A fast-paced space-based arcade action shooter for Windows 95. Blast your way through the universe in this fast-paced 32-bit arcade action shooter. Pilot one of the multiple starships through a host of alien infested
  • Attack of the Alien Space Beetles 1.0

    Attack of the alien Space Beetles! is an arcade space shooter with enemies that are sometimes cute, sometimes amusing, and always dangerous! Enjoy classic arcade gameplay with 3D cartoon graphics, 30 different enemies,
  • Rocket Shooter Cast Guide 1.0

    This guide is all about the the award-winning free game known only as Rocket shooter Cast. This guide will provide you with various tips and tricks on how to beat the invaders in this game. The sequel retains the classic
  • Free Ride Games Player

    Free Ride games proud to present the revolution! The Free Ride games player offer you more than 300 free games you can download and play whenever you want free of charge and without any trial rules. download the Free
  • Games And More Games 1.2

    games And More games 1.2 offers you a tool which helps you to play 15 classic games with others online. games include: The Helicopter Game, Puzzle shooter, Snake, BMC Tricks, Gyroball, Solitaire, Bomberman, Pool, Sudoku,