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  • World of Chat Messenger 2.4

    world of chat messenger is an instant messenger program that enables you to talk to friends in live chat online, world of chat messenger also has the facility to live video chat with friends, it's a fun way to keep
  • YeeChat Free Video Chat Room 1.0

    You can access the video/text chat by clicking an icon on your desktop without visiting any website. You can enjoy free video/audio chat on Yeechat, which is a free high-load social network / chat website. It has
  • moove online 3D Welt 12.0

    moove online 3D Welt 12.0 offers you a powerful and professional program that can bring you many outstanding features. Major Features: Create your personal 3D chat world: This revolutionary virtual 3D chat world is
  • Shufuni.com Webcam Video Chat

    Shufuni.com Video chat is a Webcam-chat-Application that connects you with people from all over the world in a live -chat- community. The connection is easy to realize and the only thing needed is a nick name. Some of
  • BYF Chat 7.1

    Free chat site with free chat rooms including adult chat rooms, teen chat rooms, college chat rooms, singles chat rooms, video chat rooms, sports chat rooms, music chat rooms, chat seks, and general chat
  • Voodoo Chat 8x3

    Voodoo chat is a free graphical chat community. Its key features include animated graphics, voice calling, interactive games, and the ability to run your own server, Voodoo chat offers you a world of opportunity and
  • ZoneVideo Chat 6.60

    Zonevideo chat sytem is an integration chat system with instant messenger and video chat which allows you to easily see, hear, and chat with people all over the world through internet. With it, you can build your own
  • Ares Client Sharp 1.2

    With ACS (Ares Client Sharp) you can meet and chat with thousands of peopleall over the world. ACS joins the ares chat network giving you access to thousands of chat roomsof all different kinds. Begin chatting with new
  • WEB3000 Chat

    WEB3000 chat is a simple but powerful chat system designed for easy usage and memory and resource gentle operation. The chat system is available as windows desktop software application, as website module for integration
  • KurdTalk 4.0

    Biggest kurd chat site on the net, chat with your kurdish friends on kurdish chat kurd talk kurdtalk kurdchat kurdtalk kurd chat kurdm kurdim kurdi.In fact, the use of 123 Flash chat is fairly simple and straight, you
  • IrcHead 1.0

    IrcHead is the Internet Relay chat (IRC) client which allows you to chat to others all over the world. IrcHead is designed to enhance your chatting session by adding an animated 3D talking human head to your chat
  • zionchat

    zionchat is a chat room service which allows you to chat with people from all over the
  • Stranger Chat 1.0

    Anonymous chat one-on-one with a complete stranger. Similar to Omegle chat. Talk to a Guy or a Girl. No login or account required. Stranger chat, created by GettingRandom.com, lets you chat anonymously with others on
  • Gchats Visichat 2.0

    Gchats Visichat 2.0 connects you with people from around the world in a live video chat community. Connecting is easy with public and private chat rooms. Breakthrough video and voice technology enable a real and natural
  • Mig 1.3.2

    Mig33 is a handy utility that helps you to get connected to everyone around the world through the most popular online services: from IM, chat rooms and SMS, to email, photo-sharing, and of course inexpensive,
  • WebChat - Communicator 1.2.27

    Webchat is a fast FREEWARE chat write in Java(tm) for Win9x/NT, Windows 2000 Windows XP, Linux, Solaris, Unix, Mac.... Some features of Webchat: This it is the first program in it type that allows the communication
  • Rediff Bol 8.0

    Rediff Bol is a lightweight messenger that lets you chat within the Rediff users. The messenger also has an option to send SMSs on cell phones, but it is restricted to send only two SMS messages in a day. It also
  • Spynet Chat (with Server) 6.5

    A chat client that allows you to connect to any chat network created with the Spynet chat Server. With Spynet chat 6.0 users can switch rooms, send Private Messages, see who is online, view room lists, select chat
  • Paltalk Chat 8.2

    Paltalk chat (www.paltalk.com) lets you see, hear, share files and chat with anyone, anywhere in the world - all for FREE. When you chat on Paltalk, you can instant message with your buddies from AOL, MSN, Yahoo!, and
  • moove online 3D World 12.0

    3D chat world moove online. Create your personal 3D chat world: This revolutionary virtual 3D chat world is installed on your own computer - always available to you and can be used offline. You alone decide the look of
  • Camfrog 3.71

    Join live streaming video chat rooms where you can see, hear, and chat with many users at once. Camfrog Video chat also has a live photo WebCam directory where you can find a partner for one on one video chat. The
  • Fonwar IM Pro 4.3

    Fonwar IM allows connectivity to all other IM, such as MSN, Yahoo!, Gtalk, AIM and even allows invitation from Facebook users. Now you do not need to worry about setting up different IM, you just need Fonwar IM which
  • Fomine LAN Chat 1.0

    Fomine LAN chat is tiny and easy-to-use instant messaging software. LAN chat creates only one chat room, that is why it has very clear interface. The LAN chat's interface is one window with list of chat participants,
  • gccc 1.152

    GCCC is a chat client based on java, which runs as sovereign software, intended especially for gays. It provides enhanced features then all chat clients. Some of its unique features are: join chat rooms to communicate
  • Spectral IRC 1.0

    SPECTRAL IRC is a FREE easy to use Internet Relay chat client SPECTRAL IRC is a FREE easy to use Internet Relay chat client for Windows that can be used to communicate and share with other users on IRC networks around
  • Free Zikula Chat for 123 Flash Chat 1.0

    123 Flash chat offers free chat plugin for Zikula CMS named Zikula chat Module compatible with Zikula v1.x. With this Zikula chat Extension, webmaster will be assist to integrate Zikula CMS with 123 Flash chat seamlessly
  • ChatStat 2.75

    chat Stat offers 2-way live chat with your website visitors, MovingGraph website and live chat productivity statistics, and live chat messaging support for AIM, ICQ, Yahoo, MSN, Jabber, GoogleTalk, Skype, and Skype
  • PaltalkScene 9.7

    Paltalk enables you to video chat, send IMs and join chat rooms with anyone in the world for free. Browse or search thousands of free chat rooms, or create your own. Paltalk works with AIM, Yahoo! and ICQ so you can chat
  • NadorPaL

    NadorPaL is the first chat to deliver to its users the quality of Voice and Video chat. It was created to gather all Morocco people from all over the world in one place, where they can share their memories and opinions
  • Imtalk 3.9

    Imtalk is a free Internet voice and video chat program used by hundreds of people, and hundreds of organizations, to communicate, share, play and work with each other on the internet around the world. Wherever you are